Things That I’ve Been Loving Lately

Instead of monthly favourites (which started to feel like a bit of a forced post), I’ve just been sharing my favourites as and when I have plenty of new ones. So here’s a look at what I’ve been loving lately.


The Tattooist of Auschwitz and Eat Pray Love

This year I’ve read three books, two of which I have completely loved.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz is the heartbreaking true story of Lale Sokolov and his time in concentration camp Auschwitz. So many details are painful and incredibly sad to read, but there’s also lots of positive moments. Moments of friendship, moments of love and moments of survival. A brilliant read.

A book that really surprised me is Eat Pray Love. I didn’t particularly like the film and when I rewatched it recently, I disliked it even more. The book explains the details at a slower pace, in more detail. It shows a woman’s journey through different emotions, struggles and life. It also gave me serious wanderlust!


White House Farm

I don’t watch much TV but I do enjoy a good drama. White House Farm was based on the true story of the Bamber family who were murdered at home. The son was arrested for the murders of his parents, sister and nephews but even now there’s debate on whether he did it. A creepy, shocking series that kept me hooked.


KFC Burger, Caffe Nero, Greggs Steak Bake

January, also known as Veganuary is the month of amazing vegan food releases. I tried so many fantastic foods, but my top picks are the KFC Zero Chicken burger which is delicious! Pretty much anything Caffe Nero does including the sausage roll, croissant and meatball panini and Greggs Steak Bake is also great!


Whilst I’m a pretty good cook baking is not my forte, however since I gave myself the resolution to cook one new thing per month I’ve really enjoyed baking.

I’ve made chocolate chip and banana cookies three times so far and even attempted shortbread, which was also delicious.


Tarte and Fenty Lip Glosses

For Christmas my partner got me a Tarte H20 Lip Gloss set, which has a nice mixture of shades and despite a slightly sticky texture, I would definitely recommend.

Whilst in New York I also picked up a Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss set, (which I believe was a Christmas special) and again the beautiful variety of shades from sheer glitter to a warm orange shimmer are gorgeous. The formula is smooth and comfortable, so I’ll definitely be purchasing from Fenty in the future.

Places/Days Out

Lightopia/Art Galleries

In my last post I spoke about the Lightopia light festival in London which ends soon. It’s in the grounds of the beautiful Chiswick House and it was a lovely, romantic way to spend the evening.

Me and my partner have also really been into museums and art galleries recently. As the UK weather’s been pretty miserable, indoor activities have been high on the agenda and luckily London has plenty of great free museums. We visited The National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery which are situated next to each other.


Last week we returned home from a wonderful short break to Amsterdam. Just a 45 minute flight from London, it’s a truly beautiful city full of canals, fantastic food and really great museums.

Let me know what you’re loving at the moment.

18 thoughts on “Things That I’ve Been Loving Lately

    1. It was really good, I hope you get to see it. There’s another drama on at the minute, called Flesh and Blood. It’s about a family so not as gruesome as it sounds😂 Fussy is one of my fave shades but they’re all so beautiful. Thanks hun. Xx

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      1. Yay! I don’t know if you saw the first series of Liar but that is back on next week in the UK. Ooh I like Fussy or Pretty Please for everyday. Cheeky is nice for a more glam look😊 x

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  1. 100% agree with what you said about TTOA, it’s a hard read, but there are some beautiful moments too, the friendship, the survival! ❤️❤️❤️ It’s heartbreaking, but it’s those friendships in such a dark time, that are also heartwarming. That they’re looking out for one another, sticking together. Such an important read, and definitely a story which needed to be told.

    Eat Pray Love totally gave me wanderlust vibes too, the book is fantastic!!!

    I watched the last few eps of White House Farm! It was a gripping watch, and it’s crazy that there’s still debate about whether he did it… a good watch but again, horrible that it’s a true story 💔 I wish for peace and love always ❤️

    Lightopia looked gorgeous, and YAY for Amsterdam! I love ‘Dam, it’s such a great place to visit and I love the waffles too hehe! I know you loved the food there also!!! I’m glad you had a great time hun ❤️

    Thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Definitely hun! It’s such an important book to read. You’d imagine with the topic of Auschwitz it’d be a depressing read. It’s sad and tough to read but there are lots of beautiful moments. Loved Eat Pray Love! I now want to go back to Rome and India & Bali have always been on my list😊 It was a shocking drama, I found myself gripped? Do you think he did it? I think he did. Lightopia was so good😊 ‘Dam is lovely. Just so walkable and I loved the cute streets. Yesss! The food was amazing! Could be top other than Asia for food😊 Aaw thanks huni💕💕 xx


  2. The Tattooist of Auschwitz is such an amazing, moving book, I loved it! Those chocolate chip cookies looked amazing too, I really need to start baking more haha 🤤 Wow the Lightopia festival looked stunning and I’m glad you had a great time in Amsterdam! I’d love to go back there again. 😊

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    1. It is such a brilliant book, I have Cilka’s journey to read soon😊 Omg the cookies are sooo nice! So easy to make too. I love a light festival, it was really lovely. Yes we loved ‘Dam, such a pretty, walkable city. Great museums and food too😊 x


  3. I know what you mean about monthly favourites feeling a bit forced, I used to try to do them and wasn’t sure what to put in half the time. I think I’ll just do them as and when I find enough to post about too, seems a much more relaxed way to do it and then its including things you really like.

    Sounds like your reading is going well, mine really isn’t yet! I’ve not finished any books this year and I was aiming for one a month. Those cookies look and sound so good, they’re making me hungry! I’ve not seen white house farm but it sounds like the sort of thing I’d like so I’ll see if I can find it on catch up tv.

    The lightopia festival looks amazing, I love going to those kinds of things in the winter when it’s all dark and cold out. Amsterdam is on my list of places I’d like to visit, my sister has been and loved it and I’d like to have a wander round. I always forget how close some of these places are when you go by plane.

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    1. I felt like there was things I liked each month but I was forcing it all a bit. At the moment there’s lots I can say I’ve loved as I’ve not done a post in a while, so it feels more organic😊 Aaw well the year does seem to be moving fast. I expected to have read more by now. The cookies are sooo nice and so easy to make😊 It was a really good series, I like crims dramas. Me too! We’ve done a few light festivals this winter, it feels like something nice and bright when it’s dull out. Amsterdam is lovely, so walkable and pretty. I could have spent a day just exploring Jordaan and Dam Square more😊 x


    1. It has a nice coating which makes it really tasty, plus the vegan mayo etc. I wasn’t sure whether to try it as I’d never really gad KFC growing up but it’s nice😊 x


  4. Amsterdam is on my bucket list! Your pictures are gorgeous! I love that you decided to do things you are loving in the moment! Also I am so jealous of all your delicious vegan food! I miss the options that New York had! I hope you ar having an amazing weekend! ❤

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