My Month in Photos (February)

February was a great month for me. Me and my partner had a lovely Valentine’s Day and also went to Amsterdam for a short break. So here’s a look at my month.

Food and Drink


Home Baking

New Hair

Richmond Park, London

Lightopia, London

Valentine’s Day

Holiday to Amsterdam

Kew Gardens, London

Let me know if you enjoyed this post.


7 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (February)

  1. I’d love to make time for baking on my days off but I literally feel like doing nothing except sleeping and taking it easy. Baking is calming for lots of people but I’d rather read lol.

    Looks like you had a lovely month x

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    1. Haha I definitely don’t find baking relaxing as it’s not natural for me😂 But I wanted to try to make new foods this year so I am enjoying that. I love reading! But I do never really sit down my brain is always busy so even on days off I have to do something. I did! It really flew-by! I didn’t realise I did so much x

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  2. OH MY LANTA. Being stuck at home (and with no delivery options take me back to NY!) all the food makes me SO hungry! And girl I LOVE your hair! It is stunning! Amsterdam is on my bucket list of places to travel too! And Kew Gardens is gorgeous! Even this time of year! I hope you are hanging in there! Sending you so much love! ❤

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    1. Aaw girl just think of all the amazing things we can do when thie over. We’ll appreciate everything even more😊 You would love Kew Gardens and Richmond Park in London they are gorge. And yes! I loved Amsterdam crazy to think I was only there a month ago. Sending you so much love💕 xxx


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