Ways to Stay Entertained (During a Pandemic)

Since the world’s pretty much on lockdown, most of us are at home more than usual. My partner’s still working full-time whilst I’m on a reduced schedule, so I thought I’d share some ideas on how to keep yourself entertained or how to stay busy.

1-Live or Online Exercise Classes

Sport is a huge part of my life and it’s easy to feel unmotivated or a bit lazy when you’re indoors. I do free Youtube or other classes online but I find live sessions really help motivate me. I paid ยฃ20 for a month’s worth of sessions with Live Like Louise (and her partner Ryan). As well as being live, the workouts are saved so you can do them anytime including after your month’s subscription.

There’s also lots of yoga classes that have free trials or are now doing reduced prices. I like Ruth Kamala, Sophie Dear, Re:Centre and Re:Mind as well as many others.


Life can be stressful enough but especially now with all of the uncertainty because of Coronavirus. For the past few weeks I’ve been meditating just for ten minutes before bed.

The Chopra Center has a free 21 day meditation experience online which I have just finished. Other handy apps are Headspace and Calm. I’ve found that I feel more peaceful, happy and relaxed since meditating.


Now is the perfect time to read more! I often go days without picking up a book and not through choice, but because of time. Reading is a great way of winding down and experiencing adventures and stories without leaving your house.

4-Get Some Fresh Air (If You Can)

In the UK we’re still allowed out for one form of exercise a day. I walk to the park (keeping a safe distance from others naturally) and enjoy not only the exercise, but the sensations sometimes we can miss.

I’ve been noticing the warmth of the sun on my skin, the sound of the birds singing, the squirrels chewing nuts loudly in the trees. I’m making the most of being outside. This also works if you have a garden. If you can’t go outside and haven’t got a garden, a friend has told me she looks out of her window listening to the birds and appreciating the outdoors from inside.

5-Have A Pamper Session

I often use face masks or moisturise but I rush the process. I never paint my nails or leave a hair mask on, but now is the time to fully treat yourself and your body because you deserve it.

I have a face, foot and hand mask laid out ready to use, as well as various creams, oils and nail polishes. I’m going to have an afternoon that’s all about me!


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to bake or cook one new thing per month, which I’m very on track for. Now is the perfect time to make that cake or meal you’ve been putting off. Lord only knows I have enough recipes saved to feed me for a year, so I’m experimenting in the kitchen more.

7-Free Online Shows/Cooking Classes/Museum Tours

Usually there isn’t much that’s free in life but now everything is online, there’s lots of activities that cost nothing! On Instagram Bosh and Wagamama are doing free cooking tutorials, The National Theatre and other companies are showing free plays and shows and museums such as the Louvre are doing free tours so you can look around.

Granted seeing a show or museum in person is always better, but it’s a brilliant option for the time being.

8-Catch-up on Shows/Movies/Netflix

I’m not a big sit down and watch something person. I always feel I have to do something, I don’t have the time or there’s some other reason. But if ever you wanted the excuse to have a lazy day-in, then it’s now! There’s a list of shows I’ve wanted to watch but never have, so now I aim to work through that list.

Bonus Suggestions

-Mindful Colouring

-Have a sort out of things you may not want anymore and organise your space.

-Practise your photography skills.

-Try to learn a new language.

-Learn a new skill, ie sewing.

-Try out a new makeup look or hair style.

Let me know how you’re staying busy.

14 thoughts on “Ways to Stay Entertained (During a Pandemic)

  1. Loved reading this post! One positive thing that is coming out of this time is that more people are being mindful and learning to appreciate the little things in life ๐Ÿ™‚ I am finding myself less tired and less stressed which has made such a difference to my mood, I’m less irritated and have time to do things at my own pace without feeling rushed and like I’m constantly running out of time xx

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    1. That is very true. It’s funny because I still haven’t slowed down I still work part of the time, but by the time I do tasks, sport and a walk each day it’s over. But it is way more relaxed than normal. I have more time to relax, read etc. I definitely agree, each day we say five things we’re thankful and they are often little things๐Ÿ˜Š It has been a total change of pace. Glad you enjoyed the post hun๐Ÿ’• x

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      1. Aaw I still have to go into the school and Mark isn’t working from home so it feels half normal. We’re both more busy at work but on the days I’m not in it’s lovely. Like today I got up at 7.30am for a live yoga class. Can’t do that on a work day๐Ÿ˜Š x

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  2. I haven’t even thought about doing online courses and whatnot since I’m still waiting for my own online classes, but that would be good to keep myself buys. I’ve mostly been spending my time catching up on reading for my eng lit module, and writing blog posts. I should definitely go out to get some fresh air more often x

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    1. I guess you’re doing a lot online, but there is a lot of cool online classes/activities atm๐Ÿ˜Š I think a walk can really help even if you go out a couple of times a week xx


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