My Month in Photos (March)

It’s hard to believe it’s already over half-way through April! Despite being on lockdown, time still seems to be speeding-by. So here’s a look at the last normal-ish month before everything shut down.

Food and Drink

Vegan Meal at the Prince Arthur Shoreditch, London

Moving House, London

New Hair

Indoor Mexican Themed Date Night

Park Walks

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10 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (March)

  1. Oh my gosh I am SO hungry now! That food looked amazing! And that rainbow cake! Mouth watering! I loved your polka dot dress and girl your hair looks phenomenal!!!! I love it so much! I have also been living for all your park pictures! I love seeing them on Instagram! I hope you are hanging in there! ❤

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    1. Aaw thanks girl! The cake comes from the cutest vegan and gluten free bakery in London😊 So glad you love the pics! I’m doing okay, getting by. Hope you’re okay lovely x


  2. I know what you mean about time still zooming by despite being on lockdown, hard to believe our one month is almost up over here. The rainbow cake is so pretty, what flavour was it? Glad you’ve been able to get out for walks in the park and the weather has been nice xx

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    1. It’s one month today since lockdown happened properly here but it’s extended for at least 3 weeks more. We was very slow at reacting so I guess we’re one of the worse countries at the moment for coronavirus. I have no idea what flavour it is! There’s vanilla and hints of other flavours but I don’t know what😊 The weather has been nice at least so it makes park walks more enjoyable x

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  3. Once again your food pictures have made me very hungry 😂That pizza looks insanely good! Your hair is so pretty, lucky you managed to get it done before lockdown. My fiance and I have been going for a lot of walks in that park too, we usually go every Thursday/Friday at lunchtime to give us something to look forward to. Hope you and your partner are both okay! 😊

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    1. The pizza was so good, we got that meal in just before lockdown!😂 I was really lucky. I can’t wait to have it done again though😊 Aaw lovely. We go weekends as my partner is still full-time weekdays, but I go weekdays by myself if I’m off😊 Thanks hun, yes we’re both good xxx

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