House Tour

Mid-March me and my partner moved house, just one week before lockdown. We’d wanted to move for quite some time but especially after I changed job and had a long commute. Luckily we found the perfect rental that’s closer to my work just before the country shut down.

We now live in a ground floor flat/apartment with a private garden. It’s situated at the back of a converted Victorian house, so there’s three other people living in the building.

So here’s a look at our place:

(Most photos were taken before we moved in)

Living Room

The Kitchen

The Garden

The Bedroom

The Bathroom

So that’s a look at our place, I hope you enjoyed it x

25 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. Congrats on your move and a new place! Such good timing that you managed to get a place before the lockdown as well. I am all for a closer commute to work because it makes all the difference in a healthy work-life balance. I draw my limit at one hour (including wait times) and when I lived in Australia, my total commute was about 1.5 hrs one way.

    I love how your kitchen opens into the garden! I would love to just be cooking and watching the rain or snowfall through those doors. I also like the decors you have on your side table in the living room!

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    1. Thank you, we got so lucky with timing! It was the same, it’d take me 1.5 hours each way so I’d be exhausted from the travel! The kitchen is my favourite room, it’s very open and bright. We love the big doors, we’ve had a lot of rain the past week so it feels cosy cooking in the kitchen watching the rain. Thank you😊❤x


  2. this is so lovely, thank you for the guided tour! I really love your kitchen, the light and the path leading to the garden, such a calm and restful space you have.

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    1. Thanks so much Gina❤ The kitchen is a lovely room, full of light and I like that you can look straight out into the garden😊 Hope you are well xxx


      1. Things have eased up a bit. Businesses are opening up. But with new restrictions. I am staying home as much as possible. Just to work in the hospital then home. Kids aren’t taking risks too early either. How are things your side like

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      2. Well lockdown should end this week but we have a high amount of cases and deaths, so I imagine it will be extended for some time. Xxx


    1. We have, it feels like we’ve been here ages already! I guess because we’ve been at home more than we usually would. I like the kitchen as it’s a light room and you can look out into the garden😊 But because it’s a conservatory it gets really hot on warm days so it can be my least favourite haha. I like the living room too, we spend the most time there watching TV, reading, exercising etc xx

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    1. Thank you!😊 So glad that we have a garden especially as when lockdown first started we wasn’t sure if we could go for walks etc. We’ve had three barbeques too😊 xxx


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