Visiting Kew Gardens During Summer

A couple of weekends ago the weather was glorious, the sun was shining and so we booked last minute tickets for Kew Gardens. Kew has to be one of my favourite places in London, the grounds are absolutely stunning and there’s plenty of interesting temples, pagodas and other bits to see. As I said to my partner on the day we went, Kew is my happy place. So here’s a look at our day out.

We started our day in the Woodland Garden area and whilst Kew Gardens are stunning at any time of year, spring and summer is when it really shines and all of the beautiful flowers are in bloom.

The nearby Temple of Aeolus.

One of my favourite parts of Kew is this gorgeous area of water in front of The Botanical, which looks like a fancy manor house but is in fact a restaurant.

To the side of the water there’s a beautiful turret that looks like it’s straight from a cute Italian town and the very popular Palm House.

Inside the Palm House there are tonnes of tropical plants and trees with boards to help you learn about each one. For example; I learnt that a banana is a herb, did you know that?

Just behind the Palm House is the small but wonderful Waterlily House.

As you can probably tell from the name, inside are waterlilies which grow incredibly fast. They start as tiny little pads and grow to the size seen above in just eight weeks!

As the sun was starting to set we walked to the far end of Kew Gardens. The Great Pagoda is one of my favourite spots as it’s quieter and a gorgeous place to sit and watch the sunset.

To visit Kew Gardens you must prebook a ticket in advance or you won’t be allowed entry.

To see the flowers at their peak and for the longest opening hours, I’d recommend visiting during summer.

Kew Gardens covers a very large area so I would advise arriving early to have the full day, as there’s many attractions and sights to see that I haven’t mentioned above.

10 thoughts on “Visiting Kew Gardens During Summer

    1. Aaw are you in Australia or New Zealand? I’m trying to make the most of summer now we’re allowed out. We had ridiculousy good weather in May but it was still full lockdown🙈 x


  1. Your pictures are always so stunning! Thanks to you Kew Gardens has been on my bucket list for forever! Also thanks to you, I get to do a little traveling even if it is virtual so thank you for sharing this beauty! ❤

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  2. Oh my goodness I can see why the Kew Gardens is your happy place! A beautiful botanical garden with colorful wildflower- GORG!!! That place would light up anyones day. Thanks for sharing your day/adventure with us!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It honestly is such a calm, peaceful place. Especially near the end of the day. Most people go home and I sit and watch the sunset by the pagoda😍 Thanks huni, glad you enjoyed it xxx

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  3. What a beautiful place! I’ve never seen waterlily pads grow to their full size before, didn’t know they got that big! Definitely have to visit there sometime in the future x

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    1. I saw a photo on Kew Gardens Instagram, they started tiny and had grown huge when we was there! It’s a really lovely place to visit lots to see, but also nice to read a book and have a picnic in the gardens😊 xx


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