Hever Castle & Gardens

A few weeks ago my partner and I visited an attraction we’d not been to before and that was Hever Castle & Gardens in Kent.

Hever Castle dates back to the 13th century and later on became the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife.

Portrait of Anne.

The Book of Hours Room has two of Annes beautifully printed prayer books. Both bear her inscriptions and signature.

In one prayer book she poignantly wrote “The Time will Come”.

Henry VIII stayed at Hever and would often turn up with hundreds of guests unannounced. Given that Hever is a fairly modest castle, Anne’s parents were often horrified by this and rushed to arrange everything so food and acommodation would be fit for a king.

Sadly we all know what happened to Anne Boleyn. Anne gave birth to a daughter Elizabeth I (who later became queen) but Henry wanted a son to be heir to the throne. Sadly Anne suffered several miscarriages and Henry began to court Jane Seymour.

In order to marry Seymour he needed to end his marriage to Anne. She was accused of adultery and incest both of which are unlikely. Due to being charged with these crimes against the king, she was beheaded.

Sadly Anne’s brother was also killed and her parents struggled as they fell out of the king’s favour. Henry VIII later took over Hever Castle and that’s how he later on passed it to Anne of Cleves, his fourth wife.

As well as the castle there’s stunning grounds to explore and a lake where you can hire a rowing boat. It’s the perfect place to spend a summer’s day!

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Hever Castle and Gardens. I’d love to return in late summer/autumn.

8 thoughts on “Hever Castle & Gardens

  1. You look beautiful! I love how informative this post is, the history truly is shocking! Poor Anne, how heartbreaking for her 💔 I hadn’t even heard of Hebert Castles until now – I love that you can hire a rowing boat too! How fun 😍

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    1. Aaw thanks huni😊 Glad you enjoyed it, I like to give a bit of history. I know poor thing and her poor brother too! I so would have got a boat out if we’d had more time😊 x


  2. I saw these pics on the ‘gram and was and am obsessed! This is definitely going on my bucket list! Anne Boleyn has always been one of my favorite wives, despite how she has been depicted, she was such a strong Bad A woman who helped bring on the reformation which as a woman to have that much power during that time period is amazing. (I could go on though lol) These are such gorgeous pictures and you look phenomenal That color blue looks gorgeous on you! Thank you for sharing your trip and letting me fan-girl a little at history 🙂 ❤

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    1. Aaw huni so glad you enjoyed this!😊 Makes me happy to hear. I love Anne Boleyn she was pretty baddass and powerful, I have a lot of interest in Henry and his wives. I would definitely recommend Hever. Great castle, beautiful grounds and boating lake😊 xx


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