Hampton Court Palace & Sunflower Fields!

A week after our visit to Hever Castle we visited another royal residence; Hampton Court Palace.

I’d visited once before on my 13th birthday (so quite some time ago!) and my partner had never been, so we was excited to explore.

Hampton Court is situated on the edge of London and was originally built for Cardinal Wolsey in 1515. As Wolsey fell out of the king’s favour, he was forced to give up the palace to Henry VIII who later expanded the property to make it fit for royalty.

Hampton Court was one of Henry’s favourite residences and all of his six wives lived there with him (at different times not all at once!).

Did you know that the palace is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Henry’s wives Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard? Seymour died during childbirth at the palace, whilst Howard was arrested here and later executed at the Tower of London aged just 19.

After the palace we explored the gardens, where we found a lovely quiet spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

After a day of history (there’s a lot more to be said on Hampton Court than I could put into words, so I suggest a visit) we drove to nearby Garsons Farm in Esher.

We’d been to Garsons several times before and it’s a fun experience to pick your own fruit and vegetables, but this time there was sunflowers to pick which was a real highlight!

Look at these beauties.

And so that concludes our day.

Let me know if you’re a history fan.

6 thoughts on “Hampton Court Palace & Sunflower Fields!

  1. I LOVE that you are visiting and sharing all these palaces with us! Tudor history is some of my favorite, and I love seeing these palaces, so thank you for taking us along with you! 🙂
    On a semi different note (lol) Did you ever see the show Six? It is about Henry VIII wives and while it does take some artistic liberties with history, it is such a fun show.
    Oh my gosh those pictures in the sunflower fields are stunning! I LOVE your dress! Thanks for sharing sweets! I hope you have an amazing Monday! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you girl it makes me so happy that you enjoy them. Tudor history is one of my faves and funnily enough at the weekend I went to a town called Rye which is full of Tudor houses😊 You would adore it. I haven’t but now I feel like I need to see it! The sunflower fieldd were so gorgeous. Thanks lovely lady happy Monday😊❤ x


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