5 Year Blogiversary & Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas!

Happy December! We’re already one week into December and that means one week into our advent calendars!

As usual we have several (dairy free) chocolate ones and I also have a beauty calendar with a difference. Whilst I usually buy the Look Fantastic or Body Shop calendar, I wasn’t a fan of any this year, so my partner kindly decided he would make me one!

Using an old Look Fantastic calendar I had (and where I store some extra makeup), he decided to buy a gift for every other day, wrap it and place it inside the calendar! So here’s a look at what I’ve got so far.

Day 1- L’Occitane Mandarin Verbena Shower Foam

Day one started off with a bang! I do love L’Occitane as it’s a luxury brand and all of their products feel like a treat.

This smells great and feels rich, foamy and luxurious.

Day 3- Flower Beauty Petal Pout Lip Mask in Pucker

Flower Beauty is a beauty brand that I recently discovered and have been loving, so I was pleased to see this in my calendar!

I adore the packaging and how it’s a smooth and hydrating lip mask, but it comes in different shades so you can wear it as a gloss/lip mask all-in-one. I’ve since ordered a few different shades of this!

Day 4- Christmas Face Mask, Shower Gel & Lip Balm

As I was feeling a bit under the weather, my partner added some last minute treats into day four. All of these bits are so cute and festive, I particularly love the little penguin lip balm.

Day 5- Minnie Mouse Socks

On day five I received a pack of Minnie Mouse socks and whilst I feel I’ve already overused the words cute and adorable in this post, they’re just both. I love getting new cosy socks or pyjamas.

Day 7- Phone Case

And finally, today I got a new phone case. I have to admit, I often buy makeup and bits I don’t need but never think of replacing things that look tatty and worn out. This phone case is a really pretty pink.

And finally, late November was my 5 year blogiversary! So thank you for 5 years of love, support and comments xx

8 thoughts on “5 Year Blogiversary & Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas!

  1. Eeeeek! Congrats beauty! Five years? That is awesome!!! I am so happy blogging connected us! Also I LOVE that Mark made you your own Beauty Calendar! That is SO sweet! I ended up getting the Sephora one, the other one I got last year from Ulta I wasn’t to impressed with so passed. I am loving the Sephora one! ❤ I hope you are having an amazing December! ❤

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    1. Aaw thanks huni, 5 years has flown-by😊 Yay what goodies have you got so far? I miss Sephora, I need a trip to the US asap😊 He is very cute, there’s been a real mix of beauty, food and other bits so it’s been really fun seeing what I get❤ xx


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