New Year’s Resolutions- Autumn/Winter & 2020 Update

So here we are at the end of January 2021.

I’ve not made a resolution post for this year yet (I will soon) but I wanted to give an update on how I got on in October, November and December and my verdict on how I did overall in 2020 with my resolutions.

1- Eat Healthily & Exercise

Tick, tick! I’m pleased to say that despite returning to work properly in September, I kept to eating healthily and exercising pretty much everyday. In December I exercised gently as I battled covid and suffered poor health, but I think I was consistent throughout the whole of 2020.

2- Read More

Okay so I may have failed on this one. I started the Jojo Moyes book The Giver of Stars and I kept stopping and starting and putting it down, so I didn’t finish a single book the last few months of 2020!

Overall I read 9 books last year and my goal was 20. I am a bit disappointed as I started strongly and could have hit my target, but there’s always this year.

3- Do 2 New Things Per Month

-In October we had lots of new experiences, including staying in the beautiful Cotswolds for my partner’s 30th birthday.

And climbing the Dare Skywalk in London.

In November we visited Hever Castle to see the Christmas Illuminations.

And went to a Christmassy garden centre near where we live.

In December we made chocolate shortbread biscuits.

And cooked Christmas Dinner (the first time we’ve ever made it).

Every month in 2020 we did two new things, whether they was big or small.

4- Cook One New Thing Per Month

I actually thought life would get in the way and I wouldn’t achieve this, but I made at least one new thing every month!

In October I made my partner a biscoff and banana birthday cake.

As well as some Halloween chocolate & orange cakes.

In November we had a German feast of vegan chorizo sausages, sauteed potatoes, sauerkraut & dairy-free cheese.

And in December I made chocolate chip shortbread biscuits.

5- Buy Less/As Ethically As Possible

I definitely considered what I was buying to make sure it was more ethical and environmentally friendly. An example is that I bought reusable cotton rounds that I can wash and use over and over again.

In terms of buying less, it was a fail. As the UK entered a second, then a third lockdown my resolve went and I found buying things cheered me up. I definitely purchased a lot more than usual but given the unusual year we had, I’m not upset about it. However, it is something I want to work on in 2021.

6- Travel/Backpacking/Days Out

In October we stayed in beautiful Rye for our anniversary and visited nearby Camber Sands.

We went on a UK break to the Cotswolds to celebrate my partner’s 30th birthday.

As well as a few other days out mentioned earlier in this post. In November the UK went into lockdown, was briefly lifted out of it then re-entered in December so there’s obviously been no days or breaks since.

I think despite being in lockdown for most of 2020 we did well. We went on several UK breaks and abroad twice. We also had lots of lovely days out. Naturally we probably did less than usual but with a pandemic going on, that’s natural.

7-Use My Phone Less

This is a resolution I didn’t do well on. Being home more and only being able to contact friends and family online or by phone meant I was on my phone a lot more. I also spent a lot more time browsing social media and watching YouTube videos.

I’m not mad at myself about this, as it was an unusual year and I enjoyed having time to watch YouTube videos and rediscover a love for makeup.

In 2021 though I would like to switch off more. To read, to do other things and to check my phone less.

So that’s how I got on in 2020. I think I did pretty well considering. Let me know how you did in 2020.

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions- Autumn/Winter & 2020 Update

  1. Aww you still did well with your resolutions, no one expected or knew 2020 would turn out how it did! You’re super brave for doing the skywalk, would be good to do something like that with your partner as you’d encourage each other and egg each other on 🙂 Those shortbread look tasty! Looking forward to seeing your resolutions for 2021 if you’ve set some xx

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