Low Buy 2021-January Update

So…this is new. For the past couple of years buying less has been one of my New Year’s Resolutions, but this year we’re really taking it seriously!

So here’s the rules:

1- In a bid to buy less, I have to accumulate money to spend on new products.

To do that, I finish products up and get half of the cost of that item towards new goodies. So finishing a £10 shampoo for example adds £5 to my new budget.

2- Not every item is included. So makeup, skincare, bodycare (and shower gels & shampoos/conditioners over £5) count towards my budget. If I finish them I get money towards my new budget and if I buy any fancy shower gels, etc, it comes out of my budget.

Of course, if I buy my usual affordable shampoo/conditioner/shower gel it doesn’t get mentioned. I need basic hygiene products after all!

3- I’m not including bath products such as bath bombs, bubble bath etc. I could, but just decided not to.

And let’s get into it!

Products I finished in January:

1- Sephora Banana Mask £5.88 (adds £2.94 to new budget)

2- Pixi Glow Set of Face Masks £10 (adds £5 to new budget)

3- Revive Vitalite Hydration Mist Mini £8.04 (adds £4.04 to new budget)

4- Lush Toner £12 (adds £6 to new budget)

5- Honest Beauty Cleansing Gel £16 (adds £8 to new budget)

6- Indeed Retinol Reface £20 (adds £10 to new budget)

7- Carmex Lip Balm £3 (adds £1.50 to new budget)

8- Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask £14.17 (adds £7.08 to new budget)

9- Paw Paw Lip Balm £3.95 (adds £1.98 to new budget)

10- Penguin Lip Balm £2.50 (adds £1.50 to new budget)

11- KVD Tattoo Eyeliner £18 (adds £9 to new budget)

12- Pat Mcgrath Dark Star Mini Mascara £10 (adds £5 to new budget)

13- Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mini Mascara £12 (adds £6 to new budget)

14- Vanilla Hand Cream £2 (adds £1 to new budget)

15- Apothespa Luxury Frangipani Hand Cream £15 (adds £7.50 to new budget)

16- The Body Shop Tahitian Tiare Shower Gel £7 (adds £3.50 to new budget)

17- Philosophy Cinnamon Bun Shower Gel £15 (adds £7.50 to new budget)

18- Christmas Gingerbread Set £5 (adds £2.50 to new budget)

19- Superdrug Foot Mask £2 (adds £1 to new budget)

Total new budget accumulated £88.77

And here’s what I bought:

1- 2 Carmex Lip Balms (Buy one get one half price) £4.50

Cult Beauty Order

2- Paula’s Choice 2% BHA £28

3- Zoeva Concealer Brush £15

4- The Inkey List Retinol Serum £9.99

5- The Inkey List Blemish Treatment £6.99

6- The Inkey List 15% Vitamin C Serum £14.99

In Total (as I had a Cult Beauty discount) I spent £68.22

Leaving me £20.55 to carry over to February!

I’ll try to include some pictures of bits I’ve bought in my next post, but let me know if you enjoyed this.

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