Recent Beauty Fails

Over the past year I’ve purchased a lot more cosmetics and makeup than usual and a lot of it being online. With both of those things in mind, there was bound to be some fails. So here’s a look at what I’ve NOT been loving.

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum

The only skincare product to make this list is the Pixi Overnight Glow Serum. Make me glow, it did not!

As well as feeling sticky and tacky, this left my skin flaky, dehydrated and dull. I tried to persevere with using this serum but my skin carried on getting worse, so I gave this away.

Revolution Bushy Brow Pen in Medium Brown & Brow Fixer

Not one, but two Revolution brow products! Starting with the Bushy Brow Pen which is like Benefit’s Microfilling one, the product itself is okay. The pen doesn’t create fine, sharp lines it’s more like a smudgy felt tip, but it’s the colour that is truly awful!

It’s not a red toned brown, it’s pure red. If I apply this, it looks like I’ve had an allergic reaction so it’s going in the bin.

The Brow Fixer is a clear brow gel and whilst I thought it was the kind of product you can’t go wrong with, apparently you can. It’s gloopy, slimy and so wet that it rubs off all my brow makeup underneath then dries to a crispy finish.

Iconic London The Brow Silk Kit

If I could describe this brow wax and brush, it’d be all style no substance. The brush is too big and rubs off the rest of your brow makeup and the wax itself does absolutely nothing. Looks fancy, performs awful.

Pat Mcgrath Dark Star Mascara

This is a mini mascara so I don’t know if that made a difference, but I did not get on with this at all. It adds some length and volume but the brush clumps up easily and doesn’t distribute the mascara evenly through lashes. I also had a lot of transfer to underneath my eyes every time I used this.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Another mascara flop. I got this in a set that I purchased and I hated it more than the Pat Mcgrath one! The brush, the tube, it all feels so lightweight. The wand didn’t grip my lashes and I got no length or volume.

By Terry Hyaluronic Powder

If there was a winner for the most disappointing and most hyped up product, it’d be this! It didn’t set my makeup, make my skin look smooth or stop shine. It left my undereye area dry and crepey, it broke my makeup down and it made my skin look flat!

Up there with one of the worst powders I’ve tried.

Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush Duo in She’s So LA

The second most disappointing product on this list is the Patrick Ta She’s So LA blush. Online it had more of a red tone whereas on me it looks like a bronzer. In the summer this shade might work better for me, but at the moment it looks like I’m applying bronzer on top of bronzer on my fair skin.

The formula for me is the biggest letdown. The powder blush is dry and patchy and both the powder & cream blush adds texture to my skin.

ELF Hydrating Core Lip Shines

These balmy lip products from ELF look pretty with there cute heart design but where they fail is they have a strong taste and smell reminiscent of lipsticks from years ago (which I hated). There’s a chemical smell and taste mixed with a fake fruitiness which is so unbearably strong, that I knew straight away I’d be passing these on.

ELF Highlighting Brush & Complexion Brush

After being super surprised and impressed by the quality of ELFs eye brushes, I decided to give their face brushes a try. I don’t know why but the quality is completely different. These brushes feel cheap, poorly made and scratchy on the skin. They apply product poorly, so I’m disappointed in ELF.

So that’s all of my recent beauty fails. There was a few other products close to making the list but I’m still trying them out.

Let me know what products you’ve tried and not loved lately.

17 thoughts on “Recent Beauty Fails

  1. Such a shame you didn’t get on well with these products! The Elf lip products does look cute but plastic, chemical scents are a no no. The Patrick Ta duo does look quite dark and the formula adding texture to your skin sounds like a nightmare! xx

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    1. Thanks hun. It is a shame but hopefully I can save others some cash or maybe they work for others. Oh no it’s a big bugbear with lip products, any chemical taste/smell means I won’t use it! Such a shame as they’re so pretty. It is sadly a lot darker than I thought,so I might try it in summer but the texture just might make it a no-no. In my Valentine’s looks post I used this and my cheeks looked bumpy and not smooth🙄 x

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  2. I’ve tried the Urban Decay mascara before and hated it too! I think I threw it out after a few uses, was just awful! Surprised to hear about the Pat McGrath mascara, her products are usually so so good. I don’t know what it is about Makeup Revolution but I’ve never got on well with any of their products which is such a shame 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    1. I’m still trying with it but my gosh it is awful🙈 No I love Pat and a friend recommended her other mascara-Fetish Eyes. This mascara just just wasn’t for me. The same. I have a under eye primer and one okay brow product from them but the products never are my fave. They have a fancier range in Boots with these cool looking primers. I’m tempted but I’m going to check some reviews x


  3. I LOVE that you shared what didn’t work for you! It always stinks when a beauty product you are excited for turns out to be less hen what you expected/wanted! Thanks for sharing sweets! ❤

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    1. Thanks huni, glad you enjoyed it. It does, especially the pricier products like the powder and blush. I was convinced they’d be new faves in my collection x


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