My Month in Photos (January & February 21)

As most of you probably know, the UKs in lockdown and it has been for quite some time. I’m excited for the day I can share holiday photos or something a little bit different but here’s my January and February.

Food and Drink

Park Walks

Valentine’s Day

Pancake Day

Makeup Looks

Recent Purchases/Gifts

New Makeup/Dressing Area Set-Up

So that’s my January & February. Let me know how the start of 2021 was for you.

8 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (January & February 21)

  1. So much yummy food! Those roses are really pretty, I got nothing for Valentine’s Day but then again it’s close to Christmas and my birthday so I said not to 😂 hopefully it won’t be too long and you’ll be able to share those city break and holiday snaps again! 😘

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    1. Haha so much food🙈 Hehe well my birthday’s August so no excuses for Mark😂 I hope so. Lockdown should lift a bit next month, by then it’s 6 months of pretty much solid lockdowns😂 xx

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      1. I haven’t given anyone else a pass and in future I’ll play it by ear as whether I’ll be kind. I’m not greedy but sometimes it would be nice to feel treated and spoiled 😂 I didn’t mind lockdown but after the amount of time The UK have spent in lockdown I wonder if I’d still think the same x

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      2. 😂 let yourself be spoilt, you deserve it❤ The last time we was able to go anywhere was October! So it’s been another 6 months really, I think I was okay until last month then I started to feel unmotivated x

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  2. Girl you might be in lockdown, but oh my avocado, that food looks amazing! can you come cook for me?!?! I miss amazing food (or maybe just food that I am not cooking? lol) All joking aside. hang in there love! Sending you many hugs! ❤

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    1. 😂 I feel you! I have cooked for nearly a year straight and exhausted the takeaways near my house. I can’t wait to eat out in a month or so😊 We have had some yummy food at home though hehe x


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