Low Buy 2021-February Update

For my low buy here’s the rules:

1- In a bid to buy less, I have to accumulate money to spend on new products.

To do that, I finish products up and get half of the cost of that item towards new goodies. So finishing a £10 shampoo for example adds £5 to my new budget.

2- Not every item is included. So makeup, skincare, bodycare (and shower gels & shampoos/conditioners over £5) count towards my budget. If I finish them I get money towards my new budget and if I buy any fancy shower gels, etc, it comes out of my budget.

Of course, if I buy my usual affordable shampoo/conditioner/shower gel it doesn’t get mentioned. I need basic hygiene products after all!

3- I’m not including bath products such as bath bombs, bubble bath etc. I could, but just decided not to.

And let’s get into it!

Products I finished in February:

-Urban Decay Perversion Mascara £21 (Adds £10.50 to new budget)

-YSL Lip Vinyl Cream £30 (Adds £15 to new budget)

-Dior Lip Glow Oil in Cherry £28 (Adds £14 to new budget)

-Charlotte Tilbury Lip Definer in Pillow Talk £17 (Adds £8.50 to new budget)

-Smashbox Photo Finish Primer £22 (Adds £11 to new budget)

-Carmex Lip Balm £3 (Adds £1.50 to new budget)

-L’Occitane Meli-Melon Lip Scrub £15 (Adds £7.50 to new budget)

-Paula’s Choice 2% BHA £28 (Adds £14 to new budget)

-Kora Organics Magic Mask Duo £28.50 (Adds £14.25 to new budget)

-Hand Mask £1 (Adds 50p to new budget)

-Superdrug Foot Mask x2 £4 (Adds £2 to new budget)

-Bath & Body Works Body Cream £9.82 (Adds £4.91 to new budget)

-Sanctuary Shower Gel £6 (Adds £3 to new budget)

-Faith in Nature Lavender & Geranium Body Wash £5.50 (Adds £2.25 to new budget)

-The Body Shop Satsuma & Coconut Shower Gels £13 (Adds £6.50 to new budget)

-Lush Snow Fairy 1kg £28 (Adds £14 to new budget)

My New Accumulated Budget is £149.96, as I carried over £20.55 from January.

Here’s what I bought in February:

-The Body Shop Camomile Cleanser £11

-Huda Bomb Brow Pencil in Medium Brown £15

-Pixi Rose Remedy Mask £17

-Creme Sponges £10

Look Fantastic Order

-Stila Glitter & Glow in Diamond Dust £17.93

-Sigma E30 Brush £9.51

-Dear Dahlia Satin Lipstick in Lucy £21.86

Total-£49.30 (As I had a discount code)

Elf Order

-2 Hydrating Core Lip Shines £8.40

-Foundation Brush £6

-Complexion Brush £6

-Highlighting Brush £4.50

-Flawless Concealer £5

Total-£37.90 (I used a discount code to save slightly)

Overall I spent £142.61, leaving £7.35 to carry over into March.

As I ordered a lot of affordable makeup items I was surprised I’d spent so much, but the Look Fantastic order and the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA pushed the spend up.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

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