My Month in Photos (March)

Aah March, officially the last full month of lockdown! Hurrah. Here’s a look at my March.

Food and Drink


New Bits

And that’s everything! It was a relatively quiet month but don’t worry, April’s post will be more exciting! I hope you enjoyed this post.

4 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (March)

  1. Those pancakes with the banana look so good! Did you make them yourself? You must be enjoying being out of lockdown, how are the cases numbers doing? The Lisa Eldridge lip colours are pretty xx

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    1. The pancakes are ready done ones you warm in a frying pan but they are so nice😍 Yes! I know obviously a lot of things are not open but to see friends, eat outside, get my hair done is great😊 We have aroumd 2000 I think on average. They are gorgeous x

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