Dining in a Venetian Pod

Recently, me and my partner booked a super special lunch for the two of us. As dining was only allowed outdoors at the time, we booked a pod to keep us cosy and warm (as they count as outside!).

We ate in a Venetian themed pod at the Kings Oak Hotel in Epping which is a pub, hotel and wedding venue. It even has a pool! So here’s some photos from our lunch.


For starters we got a share platter, which is my dream! Spring rolls, samosas, veggie nuggets, falafel, nachos and tempura vegetables. Delicious!

For mains we both had a chickpea curry which was wonderful. Sadly, I was too excited to try it and forgot to take a picture.

Then for dessert we had the most amazing chocolate orange tart.

Honestly, how this is even vegan I don’t know. It was so creamy and the orange segments tasted like a Jaffa Cake. Drool.

We both really enjoyed our special lunch out, even though I had to nap off my food coma after! The food was great and the pod was beautifully decorated so it felt like a special treat.

Let me know if you’ve dined out since lockdown lifted.

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