Eurovision, Football & Colourful Nails

So last weekend was a biggie. Eurovision was finally back on (yay!) and we got to do the football stadium tour I booked for November 2020. So here’s a look at my weekend.


Saturday started with nails. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve never been a big nails person but lately I’ve enjoyed pampering myself as much as possible. After such a long lockdown we all deserve a treat.

I opted for multi-coloured pastel nails, which feels very spring-like.

After, we travelled into London to get a few special vegan food bits we can’t get closer to home.

This vegan biscoff cheesecake from the English Cheesecake Company was worth going out of our way for!

In the evening it was time for Eurovision. Our yearly ritual is to order a takeaway pizza, maybe have some cocktails and to enjoy the show. Our faves were France, Italy and Finland. (Italy won, incase you didn’t watch it).


On Sunday me, my mum, brother and partner visited the Tottenham Football Stadium. I’d booked this tour for November 2020 as an early birthday present for my little brother but it was cancelled several times due to lockdown.

Tottenham knocked down their old stadium and built this new state of the art one in 2019.

Me sitting in the managers seat.

Tottenham’s changing room.

Group photo.

I have to say even though I’m not a huge football fan, I really enjoyed this tour. We spent double the recommended time looking around, browsing the gift shop and eating in the cafe.

And so that was my weekend. Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

3 thoughts on “Eurovision, Football & Colourful Nails

  1. Love the nail colours, must have felt nice to treat yourself! What toppings did you have on your pizza? Glad you enjoyed the stadium tour, it would be neat even if people aren’t big football fans xx

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    1. Aaw thank you! It did. It feels nice to have my hair, nails etc done. Ours was a vegan veggie so vegan cheese and mixed vegetables😊 It was really fun! It is a great stadium and it’s interesting to go behind the scenes x

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  2. What a great weekend! Also twins! I am not a fan f getting my nails done either, always have to have my toes (which I can do myself) and hair, but finger nails I can go either way. But I agree after lock down it is nice to pamper ones self and your nails look amazing!
    That food looks phenomenal, and I wish Eurovision was big here! I alway shave to watch it on the internet!
    That is so cool you got to tour the stadium! So much fun! I hope you are having an amazing week beauty! ❤


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