7 Days of Beauty (Calendars)

Last week I posted my excitement at it becoming December. So why was I so excited? Because I couldn’t wait to open my new Beauty Calendar from The Body Shop!

On the first day of December, I received a gorgeous Cranberry Shimmer Lotion in my calendar and I promised to keep you updated on what other goodies I’ve opened in the past week.

Day 2-Vitamin E Moisture Cream


I was super excited to receive this. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E products are some of my favourites and are a great range for all skin types. Vitamin E is great for any pesky dry patches you may have due to harsher weather, but also great for dull and even oily skin types. This cream can be used as a day or night cream and has a lovely scent.

Day 3-Body Butter


As I said in my last Beauty Calendar blog, I don’t use body moisturisers or lotions nearly enough due to laziness. The Body Shop’s products feel and smell so luxurious and gorgeous that I am now a convert. The Body Butters from The Body Shop are a cult favourite due to the creamy, indulgent feel of the butters which will leave your skin soft as a babies.

Day 4-Black Eye Liner Pencil


Now I have a confession to make, I didn’t have a black eye liner pencil in my make up bag until I got this one. I’ve been meaning to buy a new one for some time, to create a sultry, smoky look for winter, but thankfully I now have this one. This eye liner lasts well with only a few smudges throughout the day (which only adds to the look). Many other products can leave you with panda eyes as they smear so much, but not with this eye liner. I expect to get lots of use out of this product.

Day 5-Fuji Green Tea Body Wash


I was hoping a mini shower gel would be included and my prayers have been answered! This little lovely smells gorgeously subtle and fresh, it’s also a perfect travel sized product. I’ll be taking this with me when I’m travelling or away for the weekend.

Day 6-Shower Pouf


So far this is the only product I’ll get limited use from. I have to say I’ve never really seen the point in using a shower pouf when you can apply soap or shower gel with your hands. That said I will probably use it once, but out of the past weeks gifts, this is my least favourite.

Day 7-Vitamin E Hydrating Toner


Another Vitamin E product! Now I really am happy. This perfectly compliments the moisturiser I received on day 2. This is a delicate, moisturising toner, fantastic for the winter months ahead when your skin needs that little bit more TLC. Again, despite the product being moisturising, it’s actually great for all skin types.

So that’s my round up of what gifts I’ve got so far from my beauty calendar. Most products I’ve been excited about (except the shower pouf). I can’t wait to see what new and exciting things I’ll get in the next week, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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