My Holiday To Norway-Arriving in Oslo

After three amazing nights in Bergen, it was time to head to the airport and catch a flight to Norway’s capital city, Oslo.

Final apartment selfie in Bergen.

We grabbed breakfast at the airport, before boarding the short flight to Oslo.

From Oslo airport we took a taxi to the centre of the city and checked into our hotel.

We stayed at the Comfort Hotel Karl Johan, which is a small and quirky hotel situated on Oslo’s main street.

Our room.

We spent some time relaxing, before wandering around.

Karl Johans gate, the main street in Oslo.

Norwegian trolls.

And some other sights along the way.

Before heading to Freddy Fuego Burrito Bar for food.

The veggie burrito and burrito box were pretty nice, but not quite as good as the burritos from Los Tacos in Bergen.

After eating we walked to the National Gallery.

We saw more of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s paintings.

The Dance of Life.

His famous Madonna painting.

And his most famous painting of all, The Scream.

Munch did four versions of The Scream, but the most famous one is the 1893 version that we saw in the National Gallery.

We spent a couple of hours at the gallery, before heading back to our hotel.

In the evening we walked around the lively city, with street music and people heading out for drinks.

Before eating a quick dinner at McDonald’s. Feeling tired, we retired to our hotel for the night, ready for our last day in Norway.

40 thoughts on “My Holiday To Norway-Arriving in Oslo

    1. It is more big city-like than Bergen. The centre of Oslo looks like a lot of other cities, but some of the other museums I visited the next day were in a green part of the city with fields and animals☺ x

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      1. I really enjoyed your Bergen post! I wanna go to a place like that. I’ve been in a big city for 16 months with no vacation. I’m from the beach in CA so that’s a different animal too. I’m definitely jonesing for some people-less towns recently hahaha!

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      2. Oh then the west coast of Norway is ideal. There’s Bergen and loads of gorgeous smaller places😊 I know what you mean, I live in London so I quite like chilled out places that aren’t as busy xx

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      3. Yeah it is super busy. It’s great but sometimes you need a break. Aaw really? You’d love it, there’s so many gorgeous places. The Scandi countries are quieter and more chilled out if you want peace☺ x

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      1. Well for the longest time, drug addicts hung out at the train stations so that was the first thing that met you when you went there. Parking is so expensive so barely anyone drove there. It hasn’t been this clean or quiet for long so it takes time for us to want to go there again since it’s reputation has been really bad

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      2. Oh wow. I read a bit online about the drug addicts at train stations etc, but thankfully I didn’t see anything like that. I guess Oslo is a big city so more prone to crime. It’s good it’s starting to change for the better then xx


      3. I’m glad you didn’t! I had a few awful experiences with it when I was younger and had to visit Oslo frequently because of hospital check ups. But i could imagine it being a problem in most big cities, honestly 🙂

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    1. It is lovely. No it’s probably not a obvious place to visit, but Scandi countries are quite laid back and often seen as safer so they make a nice holiday destination. None of my friends have been Norway, so I guess it’s not as touristy as some other places😊 It was cosy and quirky x

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  1. The hotel looks so cool, like you said definitely quirky. The trolls are sooo amusing. Imagine living there and having to see them every day LOL. I think the scream painting and the dancing one are definitely my favourites out of the ones I’ve seen of Munch’s artwork. This trip sounds so amazing! xx

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  2. I LOVE the concept of 2 beds / blankets pushed together over there (first time I encountered it was in Sweden). We don’t do that here and I want it! My SO steals the blankets through the night…
    Those trolls are ugly and cute at the same time… 😛
    You saw The Scream! 😮

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    1. Haha it is a good idea! I see it a lot in Europe. In Bergen we had a double bed but a blanket each still☺ They are! I like them strangely🙈 We did. It’s one of those paintings I’ve always wanted to see and you can actually get up close to it. Often you don’t get to with well known paintings, so it was great to see😊 x


      1. I know! Me and my friend did the Viking Ship museum, the folk museum, Kon-Tiki museum and Fram museum all on one day and it would have been nicer not to have rushed between them all! XD But it was a really lovely place to visit 🙂

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      2. Oh wow! All four was on our list but we spent a long time at The Viking Ship and Norsk Folkemuseum. Was the other two museums good?☺ I really liked all the museums we did in Oslo xx

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  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Oslo, it’s on my bucket list!
    The sign over your bed at the hotel looks so cool. Also very interesting how they pushed two beds together, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hotel do that before.
    I’ve also always wanted to see The Scream there. Didn’t know he did 4 versions of it! It’s nice you got up close to it, I’m sure there were hoards of people around it.

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    1. Oslo is really cool. I loved Norway☺ Aaw really? We seem to get two beds together a lot when we travel, instead of a double. The Scream is so cool to see. He did, the other famous version was at the Munch Museum Oslo, but it’s not there at the moment. There was a lot of people but luckily it was easy to get up close to it. A lot of famous paintings can be crowded and hard to see xx


  4. I love your hotel! It is definitely quirky in the best way! So cool you got to see more of hs paintings. I had the opportunity to see Scream, and it is definitely an interesting if not horrifying painting! lol. ❤

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    1. It was a fun and quirky hotel☺ I liked the late Sunday check-out, breakfast was great and the room was nice. We didn’t get a chance to explore the hotel properly, but it had a gym and other stuff😊 If I was to go back I would probably stay in the Bygdøy area of Oslo, it’s just more scenic with fields, animals and people cycling. The central parts of Oslo are still nice but more regular, big city in look. I know, it’s one of the paintings I’ve always wanted to see, so it was really great to see it in person😊 x

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