Holiday to Belgium-Arriving in Bruges

At the start of February, me and my partner went away to Belgium for five nights. So here’s a look at our trip.

As we had an early train, we got up and ready at 5am.

Early morning selfie.

We got a train from near my partner’s into London, then got a second train to King’s Cross St. Pancras where the Eurostar departs from.

Us on the Eurostar from London to Brussels.

Our M&S lunch on the train.

Just over two hours later we arrived in Brussels.

The final part of our journey consisted of an hour’s train journey from Brussels to Bruges and then a short taxi ride from the station into the city.

After four trains and two taxis, we finally arrived at our hotel.

We stayed at Martin’s Brugge hotel, which is where we stayed on both of our visits to Bruges way back in 2014.

It’s not the fanciest hotel but it’s cosy, affordable and in an amazing location.

After resting for a bit and unpacking, we headed out to explore.

As it’s the main square and very close to our hotel, we first walked around and took photos of the Markt (Market Square).

It has beautiful buildings and the Belfry of Bruges, which is a medieval bell tower.

The Markt is usually an open square, but as there was an upcoming beer festival that weekend there was white tents in the middle.

After enjoying the Markt, we browsed the chocolate shops and picked ourselves up a few treats.

Before eating at Oyya which does the best waffles, hands down! I’d been craving one of their waffles since our last visit.

We then wandered around the streets to find hidden gems.

Like this beautiful pub.

And this regal looking building, which is a hotel!

After we’d spent time discovering new streets, we walked to Simon Stevinplein, a square with a statue of the Belgian mathematician and physicist Simon Stevin.

We then visited a few more shops before continuing on to the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk (Church of Our Lady).

The Church of Our Lady is the second tallest brickwork tower in the world.

It also contains Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child sculpture, which is the only sculpture to have left Italy during Michelangelo’s lifetime.

Inside the church.

Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child sculpture.

After admiring the Church of our Lady, we took photos by the canal.

Then headed to one of Bruges more unusual attractions, the Torture Museum.

It was an interesting museum but we also had a lot of fun!

After a day of wandering around, it was time to eat.

We’d booked a Thai restaurant we’d visited before, but sadly they was shut as the chef was ill.

So we headed to McDonald’s instead.

After a busy day, we went back to our hotel, ready for day two.

20 thoughts on “Holiday to Belgium-Arriving in Bruges

  1. It’s just amazes me that you can just hop on a train over to Belgium! It’s such a foreign concept to me…
    You know where I can go in 2 hours on the train? Another town within the same province! 😆
    The buildings are so striking in Bruges.
    Ah… Belgium waffles. One day I will get to try the authentic thing! ❤
    Oh I remember learning about Madonna of Bruges in art history class. So neat that you saw it in person.
    Ok, that torture museum looks fascinating! Haha you two mimicking the faces – hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 that’s so funny. From where I live in East London it can take an hour and a half to get to the other side of the city! I can get to Brussels in similar time it’s crazy! ☺ Bruges has really beautiful buildings. You do! Belgian waffles are the best😊 It’s a beautiful statue. The whole church is really lovely to explore. 😂 thanks. We had fun in the museum haha x


    1. Oh wow! Did you enjoy it?☺ It felt like we hadn’t visited in ages. We went October & December 2014. You should, it’s such a quirky and fun little museum☺ Hands down Oyya does the best waffles. If you go back to Bruges you have to try their waffles😊 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh I am obsessed with your pictures from Bruges! Seriously it looks amazing! And so picturesque! And girl your hair is ah-may-zing! And I am also glad I am not the only crazy person who gets up ridiculously early to travel! ;p ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ben and I have been saying for a few years we want to go to Belgium – and I’ve never thought about hopping on the train – it only takes us about 50 minutes to King’s Cross from Peterborough so we’d be easily on our way too! I may now look into that after I’ve finished reading – sounds way less stressful than getting on a plane!
    The hotel that you stayed in looks like exactly what you need for a few days away, Bruges looks so pretty, the canal & the buildings remind me of Amsterdam – I went for a week whilst I was in school but I can not remember any of it it in the slightest (other than there was great chocolate!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes definitely less stressful. The worst part for us is the two trains from East London to King’s Cross. The rest is a breeze☺ The bed in the hotel was so comfy, it was when we stayed there before too. Haha well in Bruges there’s some great chocolate☺ It’s beautiful and so quaint. It is a bit like Amsterdam with the buildings and canals xx


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