My Month in Photos (February)

As I’ve been a bit poorly the past few weeks, here’s a very belated look at my February in photos.

Food and drink

Holiday to Belgium

Vegan Nights Market, London

Pancake Day

Valentine’s Day

Chinese New Year

A day out in Camden, London

Snow in London

Products I’ve been using

So that’s my Month in Photos. Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

22 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (February)

  1. I say this almost every month but your food photos always look good and make me hungry. I bet you’re the type of friend that knows all the best food places and where to find them 😉 xx

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  2. Oh wow! Me looking through the photos while being hungry was a bad idea. Now I’m even more hungry than before hahaha. I loved the pictures, especially the one you took in Belgium. Your pink hair seemed so colour coordinated with the surroundings and evening light 🙂

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  3. i so love your photo diary and being part of the exciting things you do, thank you for always picking the nicest photos to share. I hope you are feeling better now and its nothing too serious my sweet girl. And your hair colour sets off your lovely skin tone.

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      1. Yeah I’ve been there briefly but I hardly remember it, I’d love to go back! I think I will go – it makes sense because London is so close to me, I’ll have to see if any of my friends would be up for it!!! xxx

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  4. Ahh the waffles and churros!
    Hehe, the snow in London photo is just so cute! 😉
    What shade is that Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow?
    Hope you’re back to 100% health soon. ❤
    Can't believe March is nearly done too…

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    1. I love waffles and churros!😍 😂 so cute yet the little bit of snow we got shut down the UK😂 We had such a light dusting that you could still see the grass the other week and yet no companies would deliver food lol. It’s in the shade Pink Champagne☺ Aaw thank you. When I get ill it lasts a while. Me either! March has flown-by x


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