April Favourites

April was a bit of a slow month, where I spent a lot of time planning and organising my upcoming trip to Asia, but I still discovered several new favourites. So here’s a look at what I loved in April.

Vegan Nights

I often mention Vegan Nights on my blog as it’s such a fun monthly event! Me and my partner tried a load of new food stalls such as Love Is Churros and Omkara, as well as meeting the writers of the Bosh! cookbooks, who was launching their new book on the night.


As I over plucked my brows in my teens I was left with sparse, quite patchy eyebrows. I didn’t hate my brows but to be honest, I didn’t love them either. For many years I’d considered microblading, which is a semi-permanent makeup that lasts a year. I took the plunge last month, then recently went back for my touch-up (in May) and am in the process of them healing, but so far it’s been a game changer.

I’ll do a full blog post on microblading once my eyebrows are fully healed, but I’m very happy I had them done.

Clothes Shopping

I don’t often buy clothes, but I did need some new summer items as I’ve lost weight. I’m in love with the floaty, patterned bottoms I got, as well as the cute tops and dresses.

Forest Walks

Me and my partner go to Hainault Forest most Sunday’s for a long walk and in April we took several new routes that led us to tree carvings, peaceful fields and trees full of robins. I love being outside with nature, as I find it calming.

Easter Break to Caister-on-Sea

Me, my family and my partner went away for three nights over Easter. We stayed in a cosy caravan in Caister and played mini golf, went in the amusement arcades, ate lots of good food and sat on the beach.

So that’s my April Favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

8 thoughts on “April Favourites

    1. The churros were so good😍 I don’t. After the first session the ink fades 70% so I’d sometimes add a tiny bit of brow powder, but when they heal this time I shouldn’t have to x

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      1. Haha they are huge! The first time hurt a bit more, but I think that’s ‘cos it takes a bit longer. Towards the end of the first session I felt a bit shaky like I needed sugar, a bit like after tattoo because of the adrenaline. Monday I was fine at the touch-up, but it doesn’t really hurt😊 x

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