Early May Bank Holiday-Somerset

May is my favourite month for many reasons; one reason being there’s two bank holidays which means two long weekends. Early May me and my partner went away for the first bank holiday to Somerset. So here’s a look at our break.

Day One

Car selfies on the drive.

The beautiful rolling countryside.

Lunch stop, we tried the vegan sub at Subway and it was delicious.

And then we arrived. We’ve stayed at The Holcombe Inn hotel several times, but we had a room with a difference for this stay.

Whilst we usually stay inside the hotel, this time we stayed in ‘The Roost’, a cute little cabin on the hotel grounds.

The gardens outside our cabin.

And the resident doves.

We spent time in the gardens, unpacked and then watched ‘Our Planet’ on Netflix. At home me and my partner never have time to catch up on shows, so it was nice to relax.

After enjoying our cabin, we drove to local sight the Church of St. Andrew.

Built in the 16th century, St. Andrew was part of a medieval village that was buried at the time of the plague. A new village was later built further downhill.

It’s thought the rhyme ‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’ started here as a result of the plague.

Despite such a dark history, the church couldn’t be more beautiful or peaceful. Situated down a country road surrounded by cows, it’s a wonderful place.

As it entered evening, we drove to Wagamamas for some vegan munch.

We shared gyoza and I got my favourite, delicious ramen.

As the sun set we drove back to our cosy cabin, ready for day two.

Day Two

On our second day I woke up thankful. I spend so much time in busy London, that waking up to beautiful countryside views is a treat.

We entered the main part of the hotel for breakfast, where we had fruit smoothies and pancakes.

Then it was time to feed someone else; the doves!

The doves are free to travel where they want, but they congregate around the hotel and our cabin as they know there’s food. Not that we was complaining!

After the feeding was done, we drove to seaside town Burnham-on-Sea.

Me, my family and my partner stayed near Burnham in 2014 but we didn’t see the pier or beach so we spent some time walking around.

Before heading on to Weston-super-Mare, another seaside town which we did visit properly five years ago.

Views of the pier and beach.

We had a lot of fun on the pier. We played on games in the amusement arcade, went on the ghost train and got a photo together on the giant deck chair.

We spent until the evening in Weston, before driving to the city of Bristol. Neither of us had been to Bristol and whilst we mostly ate and had a little walk around, it looked a pretty place and somewhere we’d return.

Dinnet at vegan diner Oowee in Bristol.

On the drive back to the hotel there was a glorious sunset, which we just managed to get a photo of back at our hotel.

After a wonderful day we watched some more Netflix and went to bed, ready for our final day.

Day Three

Our final day started with another delicious breakfast of pancakes in our hotel.

Before it was time to sadly check-out of our cosy little cabin.

Taking in the nature and views outside our hotel.

We drove to the city of Bath and spent hours wandering around the city.

Whilst we’d seen Bath Abbey before, this time we decided to go inside.

Bath Abbey was founded in the 7th century but has been rebuilt several times. It’s stunning inside and you can also pay to go up to the tower for a tour.

As it reached mid-afternoon, we decided to grab some food before the drive home.

We stopped at one of our tried and trusted places; Chaiwalla.

Simple, street style food, the onion bhaji wrap with sauces, salads and a samosa on the side is a total treat. One of my top picks for food in Bath.

Despite feeling full, we saw a shop proclaiming to sell the best Cornish Pastys in the world.

We got a spicy vegan pasty which was fine, but certainly not the best I’ve ever had.

After a wonderful few days away, we started the drive back home to London.

10 thoughts on “Early May Bank Holiday-Somerset

  1. That vegan burger and those fries look super tasty – can’t beat treat/junk food sometimes! You always take lots of lovely photos and it sounds like you had a really nice trip out of town 🙂 it seems in England you don’t have to travel and drive far to get to other cities that have other fun things to explore! NZ is probably the same but I don’t get to go exploring much haha xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was good😍 I do love a burger and chips/fries. Aaw thanks hun. Somerset is one of my favourite areas of the UK, there’s the most stunning countryside😊 There’s quite a few cities! I guess only a few major ones and lots of slightly smaller cities. A city here just means it’s a place with a cathedral, so a tiny place called Wells in Somerset is a city because it has a big cathedral😊 x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I think some countries go by cathedrals, some by population. So I live in a town in London with 200,000 odd people whereas Wells is a city with 10,000 people😊 x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I always find it interesting how people who live in a city like London love coming down to Somerset yet I’m always wanting to escape the country and spend a long weekend in London haha. Bath is one of my favourite places, it’s so beautiful and full of interesting shops and places to eat. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love London but I think ‘cos I’ve lived in London my whole life and commute a couple of hours a day, I’m often happy to get out the city😊 Plus I love being outdoors. Bath is a lovely city, we go there most times we’re in Somerset x


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