Current Favourites (During Lockdown)

It’s July and things are just starting to open up in the UK. After four months of nothing, shops, restaurants and other businesses are slowly opening their doors. Despite a bizarre few months I discovered LOTS of new favourites, so here’s a look at what I’ve been loving.

1- Everything Charlotte Tilbury

For the first two months of lockdown I bought very little then I went on several beauty splurges. Charlotte Tilbury was one of my chosen brands and I don’t regret buying any of it!

My top bits I bought from her are:

-The Airbrush Bronzer in Medium

I only fell in love with bronzer last year but it was this one that really made me fall in love. It’s the most natural matte bronzer that gives a beautiful sunkissed glow.

-Beauty Light Wand Highlighter in Spotlight

This gorgeous, creamy highlighter is described as a ‘candlelit gold’ shade. It’s a stunning cool toned silvery gold that lasts all day once applied and applies to skin like an absolute dream.

-Superstar Lips in the shade Sexy Lips

I’ve bought several CT lipsticks recently that deserve a shoutout such as ‘In Love With Olivia’ but ‘Sexy Lips’ is my star pick.

A glossy, shiny pink that works with every single look, I’ve already bought a backup tube as it’s just so good.

-Pillow Talk Eyeliner

I’ve never really been into pencil eyeliners but that all changed once I tried this gorgeous burgundy brown. It’s an unusual shade that stands out but still works with classic makeup looks and I love how it compliments my brown eyes.

2- Baking

One of the best parts of lockdown for me has been time to bake. Pre-lockdown I only had time for meals and baking was a stressful, added component I had no real time for.

Now I find myself excited to create something new each week and to challenge myself.

3- Pilates

Before lockdown I exercised regularly but not as much as now. Since lockdown I signed up to HIIT sessions where we do a mixture of classes (including weights) five times a week and I do one/two live yoga or pilates classes a day. I’d never done pilates before lockdown but I love it! It’s given me great core strength and it’s a great all-round workout.

4- Days Out

In June a few places started opening up. We was able to go fruit picking and explore the local towns and villages nearby which were beautiful, as well as hitting the beach another weekend.

Even though not everything was open and nothing is as it was, it was so lovely to get out and to be able to do things like before.

5- Agnes Keith Books

Last year I travelled to Borneo and one of the recommended attractions was Agnes Keith’s House. I’d never heard of the American author until I visited and after I was so fascinated and moved by her story, I purchased all three of her books on life in Borneo.

Agnes was an American who married British Harry. They moved to Borneo as he was conservator of the rainforests and they later had a son George. Her first book ‘Land Below The Wind’ is all about their adventures in the rainforest, the ups and downs of living in the land below the wind and is an excellent, adventurous book.

Her second novel ‘Three Came Home’ has a completely different tone as it’s during WW2 when Agnes, Harry and George were captured and kept as prisoners of war. I found this book heartbreaking and moving but so powerful. I loved it even more than her first book.

Her final novel is ‘White Man Returns’ which I’ll be making a start on this week. I can highly recommend reading this collection of books.

6- TV Shows (Normal People/Dark Tourist/After Life)

Before lockdown I rarely watched any TV or shows at all, let alone a whole series! Lately with a bit more time on my hands I’ve watched quite a few in a short period of time. Normal People has been one of my favourites, I loved the characters, the filming locations and not knowing what would happen next. I enjoyed the show so much that I’ve bought the book which the show was adapted from, so I’m excited to read it.

I also got into Dark Tourist. I love travel and I love learning about unusual new experiences or places you can visit, so I found this easy watching of an evening.

Lastly, I’ve just finished season one and am currently speeding through season two of After Life. It’s the sort of very British, dark sarcastic comedy that I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy but it’s just such a great show.

7- The Vegan Kind Box (Captain Kombucha & Fuel 10K Chunky Chocolate Granola)

In May and June I ordered two boxes from The Vegan Kind. I’ve discovered so many great new products from trying these boxes but the June box in particular was fantastic! I’ve never liked Kombucha but I’ve now found one that I really enjoy and the protein granola is amazing, I’ve started buying a box each week when I go food shopping.

So that’s just some of my favourites. I think at the end of July I’ll share even more as there’s so much I’m currently loving. Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

16 thoughts on “Current Favourites (During Lockdown)

    1. Me too, it’s my fave brand at the moment😊 It really is. I have the Barbarella Brown eyeliner too, it looks pretty dark when you apply it but less harsh than black x


  1. That highlighter is beautiful and so is that lipstick, such a lovely everyday shade! Hopefully you can start reading Normal People soon so you can let me know what you think, a few people don’t like the writing style but the overall story is good 🙂 I miss lockdown haha, so many people enjoyed it and things seemed simpler xx

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    1. The highlighter is gorgeous, just so creamy and beautiful to apply😊 The lipstick is gorgeous it goes witg every look, my mum orderered the same one yesterday😊 Yes definitely! I have one more Agnes Keith book then I’ll probably start on it. Haha yeah I know what you mean, I was worried how I’d find it at first then I just got used to it. I find this inbetween stage at the monent harder and get frustrated. Like I’m working more but not everything is open. You have to wear masks or queue for everything. I’d rather all or nothing if that makes sense x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You know it’s a good sign if your mum is a fan and wants the lipstick too!

        That makes complete sense, it’s easier to manage if everything is open or it’s complete lockdown. There’s so much to consider and be aware of and it’s second nature to stand close to people if you’re having a conversation or forget to sanitise/wash your hands x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Exactly. I hate masks because of my asthma so wearing them on public transport or in the hairdressers etc is uncomfortable. At work we wash our hands loads and constantly have to distance the children. You can’t touch or really try anything in shops. Nothing is quite right so I’d rather it be normal or not😂😊 xx

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      3. Exactly back to dry hands. When the kids finished school my hands were a wreck. They’ve started to recover as I’m not in 5 days😂🙈 They are I fidget with mine constantly x


  2. So glad you love all the bits from Charlotte Tilbury, her products are so amazing! I’ve loved their lipsticks especially for years 😍 It’s good you’ve been able to go out to places, you look so happy in the beach picture. I’d love to go for days out but I’m still too scared to really leave the house haha. Ahhh I’ve recently discovered the chunky chocolate protein granola too and I’m obsessed! It’s so good! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I’ve loved most CT products except the foundation and a few skincare products😊 Aaw thank you, we’ve just started going out places like the beach, fruit picking and some markets in London. Aah will you be going out soon or are you seeing how things are? Omg it’s so good isn’t it?😊 Really filling too x


  3. Yay! So exciting that you’re loving so much atm hun. I have NEVER used Charlotte Tillbury products omg, my Mum always says she wants to try them and I have to agree, especially after this post. The bronzer, eyeliner pencil and lipstick all sound lovely especially. I love the shade of the liner pencil. That whole eye makeup look is so gorgeous ❤

    Girl I can't believe how much you work out, you are doing phenomenally seriously!! Such an inspiration, I bet you feel amazing ❤

    Love that beach pic ❤

    The Agnes Kieth books sound amazing, I'd not heard of her until now hun so I'm for sure going to check these books out, they sound so… deep? Ah very excited now!!! Glad you've been enjoying them and you watching tv? Dannii I am so shocked haha but yay!! Can you watch Jane The Virgin next please loool the more people I can talk to about this the better! But anyway glad you've been enjoying your shows hun. I haven't watched Afterlife I think I'd find it too upsetting haha but everyone raves about it. Maybe one day.

    Can't wait for your July favourites hun! ❤

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    1. Aaw thanks huni, Charlotte Tilbury makeup always feels such a treat to use just really luxurious. The eyeliner is so nice, it’s that bit more unique and makes your eyes pop😊 I really do I have so loved exercising especially in the morning, I’ll miss it when I’m back to work properly. I so recommend her books they just have so much about them. They are quite deep but just so interesting😊 😂 I know me watching TV haha. I’ll add it to my list! Afterlife is weirdly heartbreaking but also funny I love it. It’s also quite sweet. Thanks hun❤ xx


  4. I got my first CT lipstick recently and I’m impressed – I want more! Love the pillow talk eyeliner – I think I want to try that now too!
    I’m going to be doing a pilates class tomorrow instead of my usual yoga practice – hopefully I will enjoy it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really love the lipsticks I a different one of hers pretty much everyday now😊 The eyeliner is great, such a beautiful colour and it doesn’t budge! I love pilates it’s quite different more like a hiit workout the one I do but I find I feel great after x

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  5. Girl your make-up is always so fabulous! I am obsessed!
    One bright side to the pandemic is I also have been able to get back into baking (I use to be a baker) and I love it! Also girl I am so impressed with your pie crust! That use to be my nemesis when I was a chef Lol.
    I am glad you are finding the positives during all this craziness! So much love to you beauty<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thanks so much gorgeous😊❤ Me too! I have never been a baker but now I really am enjoying it. Haha well I was pleased with how it turned out as pie crusts really aren’t my strong point! Aaw sending you loads of love xxx


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