Barry M Coconut Infusion

As a big fan of Barry M, I’ve been keen to try out their Coconut Infusion nail polishes.


The Coconut Infusion range contains Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, as well as Vitamins B and C, to hydrate and nourish nails. On the bottle it states that ‘for full benefit do not use a base coat’, which is due to the nourishing ingredients that this nail polish contains.

I skipped the base coat as recommended and went straight to applying two coats of nail polish. I would say that this seemed a bit more watery in consistency than some of Barry M’s other nail polishes and it did take a bit longer to dry, but two coats gave my nails full coverage.

The colour that I got is called Laguna and it’s a beautiful sky blue polish. I’ve been searching for the perfect pastel blue shade and this is it.



Where this polish lets itself down is it’s lack of lasting power. Within a day I could see some unevenness around the edges of my nails like they were about to chip and by the second day they had. I’d also say that this didn’t seem to nourish my nails or make them feel any healthier, despite Barry M’s claims.

Despite a disappointing wear time and no noticeable benefits of this nail polish containing Coconut Oil, Coconut Water and vitamins, the colour is so beautiful that I can’t help but love it. It’s unlikely I’d buy any more polishes from this range, but Laguna is my go-to shade at the moment.

Let me know if you’ve tried any colours from the Coconut Infusion range. 

30 thoughts on “Barry M Coconut Infusion

  1. Laguna is such a beautiful shade and it actually really difficult to find a nice pastel blue. I was on the hunt for the perfect cornflour blue for ages and I recently found it 🙂 such a shame about the formula 😦 x

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    1. It is surprisingly hard to find a really pretty pastel blue like this. What nail polish did you get?☺ Barry M’s nail polishes usually last pretty well, so it’s a shame this formua doesn’t worl as well. X

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  2. Oh my! This is exactly what I´ve been looking for in nail polish. I´m so addicted to a gorgeous coat of colour but hate to think of how unhealthy it might be. This colour is so bright and fun, I feel like it really suits your personality as well 🙂 I´ve gotta get my hands on a bottle of this stuff for sure x

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    1. It’s such a beautiful colour. I really love how bright the blue is☺ You should take a look at Barry M’s other polishes as they do special ones that are supposed to be great for your nails. Aaw thank you that’s a sweet comment☺ I hope you like the polish if you buy it xx

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