Holiday Haul and More

​As I’ve wrote about in recent posts, I went on holiday to Malta a few weeks ago. Of course I couldn’t go away and not pick up some treats for myself, so here’s what I got.

OPI Nail Polishes in the shades Princesses Rule! and An Affair in Red Square

Before I’d even left the country, I picked up these two nail polishes at the London airport I was flying from. I had limited time to look, but the colours of these polishes caught my eye and they were also slightly cheaper than usual.

Princesses Rule! is a girly light pink with shimmer and I adore the sweet name that so suits this nail polish. I also picked up An Affair in Red Square, which is a metallic red. Both colours are gorgeous, so I can’t wait to use them.

Teeez Spectrum Of Stars Eyeshadows in the shades Vanilla Sunbeam and Sepia Shine

Teeez is a brand I’ve seen mentioned before, but never tried. Whilst shopping in Malta’s capital city Valletta, I was excited to see large NYX and Teeez counters in the Roseberry store.

I picked up these eyeshadows as not only is the sphere style packaging stylish, but I’m in severe need of some individual eyeshadows for when I travel. Vanilla Sunbeam is a champagne gold with peachy undertones and Sepia Shine is a unusual brown/bronze shade, that also has hints of green and grey in different lighting. 

Teeez Chain Of Stones Nail Lacquer in the shade Melted Copper

The final Teeez item I got is this gorgeous holographic, copper nail polish. Not only am I ridiculously excited to try it out, but I love the packaging and design of this product.

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover and Studio Nails Professional Cuticle Pusher

I’ve seen Essence mentioned a lot, but I’d never seen it in a store until I stumbled across it in Malta. I picked up a cuticle gel, which you apply once a week before pushing cuticles down to neaten them up. I also picked up a cuticle pusher to go with the gel, to neaten my nails up.

Essence Studio Nails Caring Nail Oil

As I’ve been painting my nails more often, they’ve started to look a bit dry and in need of some TLC. I bought this nail oil to try and improve the condition of my nails. 

Essence The Gel Nail Polish in the shade 09 Lucky and Studio Nails Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Whilst browsing Essence’s products, I also picked up this pretty pink nail polish in the shade Lucky. This vibrant pink looks perfect for summer and I also bought a corrector pen to tidy up my nails once I’ve painted them.

Wildlife Park Malta Mug, Water Bottle and Slate Picture

Whilst on holiday, I visited Wildlife Park Malta, which is a small family run place with animals. I wrote about it in a previous post and had a personalised mug, water bottle and a slate picture printed of me and my partner. 

Popeye Village Red Stone Necklace and Stone Earrings

I visited the tourist attraction Popeye Village, which is where the Popeye film was made and on-site they have a Silversmith who makes beautiful jewellery. 

I got a silver necklace with a red stone, to match two of my red summer dresses and a simple pair of silver studs with white stones. My partner also picked me up a few more pieces, which he’s put away for my birthday.

Santoro London Pen and Hardcover Notepad

Santoro London is not the cheapest brand for cute stationery, but every time I pass through Malta’s airport, I have to pick something up. I got a very sweet looking pen and notepad this time.

Fantasia Professional Makeup Brushes

As we had plenty of time to browse Malta’s airport before returning home, I spotted these makeup brushes. I’ve never heard of the brand, but I decided to buy two to give them a try. The first brush I’ll be using to brush through my brows to tidy them up and also to evenly distribute brow products. 

The second brush is a small fluffy brush, that’s pretty flat in shape. I’m going to attempt to use it as an eyeshadow brush, but if it’s too big, I’ll use it to blend in my concealer and other skin products. 

Acrylic Makeup Storage-Chest of Draws and Lipstick Holder

As my makeup collection keeps growing, I decided to buy some acrylic storage from Ebay to make my room tidier and to keep my makeup in one place. I particularly love the small cabinet, which looks really elegant. I just need somewhere to store my large palettes now.

So that’s my haul complete! I’ll be going away for a short UK break tomorrow, but I’ll still be posting this week. Let me know which haul items you love. 

37 thoughts on “Holiday Haul and More

  1. I love the look of everything you picked up 😁 The personalised mug and drink bottle is a nice touch! The OPI shades and the Teez eyeshadows look so shimmery and pretty. The little notebook and pen are cute too xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you☺ I really like the personalised bits. It’s nice to have a fun reminder of the day. I can’t wait to try out the Teeez and OPI stuff I got. It’s all really pretty. I love cute notepads and pens, as I’m always jotting stuff down☺ x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t normally shop much on holiday, but I picked up some nice things in Malta. I can’t wait to use the holo nail polish, it’s so pretty. I really like the personalised souvenirs too. X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have the Vanilla Sunbeam eye shadow too! And also the Smokey Rose – they’re so lovely! And you’ve seen my review of the Melted Copper polish, it’s stunning!
    I really like that red stone necklace you got – so simple but eye catching.
    Great haul and you’ll always remember where you bought those makeup items – I love makeup as souvenirs! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are lovely. I wish I’d picked up more! I have seen you review of Melted Copper, it looks so gorgeous I can’t wait to try it☺ It is eye catching. The red stone is so simple, but pretty. Me too! I first saw and tried NYX stuff in Germany and now Teeez from Malta. I need to buy more makeup souvenirs!☺ x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I did. I’ve tried the eyeshadows so far and I really like them. Gutted nowhere in the UK sells Teeez! Thank you. I like the Essence bits I’ve tried so far too☺ x


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