My Month in Photos (December)

December was an amazing and busy month for me, where I went on two UK breaks and had lots of great days out. So here’s my December in photos.

Food and Drink

A Short Break in Birmingham

The Christmas Lights in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

A Weekend at the Races and Madame Tussauds

Having my Hair Done

Spending a week away in the New Forest for Christmas

My Christmas Presents

New Year’s Eve

Products I’ve been using

So that’s my roundup of December in photos. Let me know if you enjoyed it.

38 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (December)

  1. You should rename this series “Monthly Food Porn” and be done with it! 😆
    Oh my gosh, the world’s BIGGEST Cadbury shop! 😮
    Your hair looks lovely – it looks SO SOFT! How frequently do you need to have it done? Do you always do it professionally?

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    1. Haha I should. December was definitely a food porn month😂 It really was a huge Cadbury’s shop too! I spent a long time in there😊 I have it done anytime between 4-7 weeks. It depends how much root growth there is. I always have it done professionally, as my hair’s naturally dark so it takes a lot to lighten it at home. Plus since I’ve had it done at the salon it’s in much better condition😊 x

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  2. Suddenly I’m STARVING after looking through all those yummy foodie pictures! I remember a majority of those photos can’t believe ALL of that took place in December! What a fun month you had though! The hair was an utter success, I remember when you posted that blog post and I fell in love with how it came out! Such a pretty blondie 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. I know, I can’t believe how much food I ate through December either😂 All of it was delicious though, so it was definitely a good food month. Aaw thanks lovely. I was happy with how it came out too😊 xx

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  3. the deserts were amazing to look at and i was drooling, my heart skips a beat at fairy lights, if i had been with you i might have had a small episode! Lastly i loved the Christmas in New Forest, such a cosy and warm feeling. So happy to see your photos and join in your fun and happy moments. Here’s to more in 2017!

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    1. We both have a love of desserts😊 Aaw there was so many beautiful lights and decorations at Christmas, I could have taken endless photos☺ It was so wonderful and cosy in the New Forest. I’ll be writing about it soon. Thank you☺ xx

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  4. Loved your pics! I am so happy December was such a great month for you! And your hair! I love that color!
    I actually went blonder this month too, and I may or may not have had a slight panic attack when it looked pink, before she washed it. I hope January is an equally great month for you beauty! ❤

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    1. Aaw thanks lovely. It was an amazing month for me☺ Aaw I really loved the pink tint. I’ll have it done again next time. It doesn’t last long but is just pretty☺ Haha I’m sure pink would still look great on you! Aaw you too. Hope it’s a great month ahead for you☺💕 xx

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      1. I am so glad! You rock it so well! Awe thanks! It is funny because I am crazy with my hair but not that crazy! Though I do like a well placed stripe of color every now and then. But you look amazing with it! Thanks love! ❤


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