Boxing Day in the New Forest-Pt.3

On Boxing Day we decided that we wouldn’t just stay in and have a meal, but we’d take advantage of being away and having attractions nearby. 

So we drove to the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. None of us was really sure what to expect or if we’d enjoy it, but it turned out to be a really fun day out. 

We started at the National Motor Museum part of the attraction. 

There was lots of beautiful Victorian cars, as well as some from TV shows and films, such as Only Fools and Horses and Mr. Bean. 

There was an area to dress up and take photos in an old car, which was one of my favourite parts of the day. 

Then we went outside and explored the Top Gear exhibition and the grounds, before heading into the on-site cafe to warm up. As well as an amazing array of cakes, the cafe did the most delicious hot chocolate. 

Once we’d thawed through, we headed back outside and hopped on the monorail train that runs through Beaulieu. 

We got off outside the Beaulieu Palace House, which has been owned and lived in by the Montagu family since the 1500’s. 

From the outside, Beaulieu looked like a Disney castle, with its turret at the end. 

Inside it was surprisingly cosy for such a large house and it was made all the more beautiful by the Christmas decorations.

In one room, there was a pianist playing traditional Christmas songs. We was each handed a song book so we could request a song and sing along. 

We all really enjoyed ourselves, as my family, my partner and I love carol services and singing along to Christmas songs.

It was also interesting to learn the Montagu’s family history, as the current owners grandmother was a secret agent for the British Secret Service, working against Hitler. Her story was made into a film ‘The Honourable Rebel’, which I bought in the shop before leaving.  

As it was nearly time for Beaulieu to shut, I took a couple more photos of the grounds and of Beaulieu Abbey. 

I only wish we’d had more time to explore Beaulieu, as there was still more to see. It’s a place that I’d definitely like to visit again. 

As our visit came to an end, we drove back to our lodge and had a Boxing Day meal together. My mum did a slightly smaller version of a Christmas dinner and we was all so ravenous after our day out, that I didn’t get any photos! 

The rest of the night was spent resting, picking at Christmas chocolates and discussing how great Beaulieu was. 

27 thoughts on “Boxing Day in the New Forest-Pt.3

  1. love the old houses that are turned into places we can visit and experience the old days. I visited a few in my travels and always came away wondering about life from the past. You fitted right into the era in that photo!

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  2. Love those old cars! And that hat is perfect for you! I thought it was yours, not the dress up prop. You have to go buy a hat like that now. What a lovely way to spend Boxing Day. Ours was spent driving 3 hours and then napping LOL.

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    1. I love that style of hat so much. Everytime I try them on at old houses, I want one. I think I’ll treat myself to a nice vintage hat😊 Aaw no. Usually we just have a meal at home, which isn’t that exciting. So it was nice to go out☺ xx


  3. girl, can you be any more flawless!!! You literally have a face of a doll, so perfect! The Motor Museum looks awesome, totally something my boyfriend would love to visit I’m sure. The palace is absolutely stunning, I love touring beautiful luxurious homes like that, theyre really so gorgeous and elegant.

    xo, JJ

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    1. Aaw thank you😊💕 It was such a great place to visit. It had the Motor Museum, old Abbey’s and ruins, the beautiful Palace House. I love visiting beautiful homes too. It just looked stunning inside and out😊 xx

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    1. It was busy in the Motor Museum, but it was quiet around the rest of Beaulieu☺ Aaw usually we’re just indoors, with my family or my partner’s. Was nice to get out and do something for a change. Makes me want to go out every year☺ x

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  4. I know nothing about cars (seriously using Uber is complicated for me!) but those pictures were amazing. And your outfit! Oh my gosh I love it! I love that picture of you in the car and your man helping you out. SO sweet!
    Oh my gosh that hot chocolate! My mouth is watering.
    And Beaulieu! It looks amazing! I love old houses and castles and learning the history of them. it sounds like this one had an amazingly cool one too! ❤

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    1. I know nothing about cars too, but it was really fun to go to the museum☺ Aaw thank you. I really love the photo of us by the car. The hot chocolate was so good😊 Beaulieu House was beautiful. I love old houses and castles. The history was really interesting. I can’t wait to watch the film about the current owners grandmother. Sounds like she had an interesting life☺ xx

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