What To Do At The Blue Lagoon

Before I visited Iceland and it’s famous attraction the Blue Lagoon, I read a lot of advice online which made the experience sound complicated and a little bit scary. So here’s all you need to know about the Blue Lagoon.

What is it? 

The Blue Lagoon is a non-natural geothermal spa. It’s not a natural lagoon and the water is the output of a nearby geothermal power plant. The water is completely safe, but if you want to lay in natural heated waters in Iceland then note that the Blue Lagoon is man-made.

Buying Tickets.

Before going to the Blue Lagoon, you need to purchase tickets online and in advance. Don’t just turn up or you wont get in.

Many tour companies offer trips to the Blue Lagoon but only offer the Standard Package. If you want to look at and book a package that includes more, you have to go through the Blue Lagoon’s official website.

When you book your Blue Lagoon package, you also have the option to add on a Flybus transfer to take you there and back for an extra charge. You choose what time you want to be picked up and online it says what time buses return. They tend to leave hourly and will stop at all hotels.

Despite timed entry, you can spend as long as you want at the Blue Lagoon.

What do you do once you arrive? 

You enter the building for your time slot and hand in your printed paper tickets to the reception staff.

They then give you a rubber wristband with an electronic chip and towels and bathrobes if they’re included in your package.

You hold your wrist band against the barrier to open it and then you’re through!

Changing Rooms 

The men and women’s changing rooms are separate, with the women’s situated downstairs.

You take your shoes off before entering and then find an empty locker. To open and close your locker, you hold your wristband against a electronic pad on the lockers. It will always recognise what number locker you’ve chose.

In the changing rooms there are showers, toilets and a couple of private changing rooms, but the truth is people get undressed in front of one another and no-one will give you a second glance, so don’t be afraid.

The Shower Situation

I’ve read many a post that says you must strip naked and shower and that the staff enforce it. Not true.

There are separate shower cubicles with doors and I’d advise you quickly wash with your swimwear on. However, no-one will force you too, but for hygiene reasons it’s good to go in and quickly make sure you’re clean.

Remember to leave your towel in the towel holder near the showers and quickly dry yourself off before walking into the changing rooms. Staff wont be impressed if you drip water along the floors.

Conditioner, Conditioner, Conditioner!

In the shower cubicles there’s shower gel and conditioner. Use the conditioner! The Blue Lagoon’s water is great for skin but dries out hair.

Wet your hair completely and then apply a very generous amount of conditioner and leave it on your hair.

Later on when washing your hair in your hotel, use a clarifying shampoo and an intensive conditioner and leave in treatment. I found that although my hair was still a bit drier then usual, it wasn’t damaged like some people said their hair was after the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon Itself

There’s two ways of getting into the Blue Lagoon. You can go straight outside and walk into the Lagoon or start in the indoor area.

I started indoors as it gives you time to warm up and you can then push through a door that leads outside. This means you never leave the water or feel cold like you would if you walk straight outside.

Even though I went in February, I never felt cold once in the Blue Lagoon as it’s so warm. It’s kept between 37-39 degrees and it’s like laying in a warm bath. The water is full of minerals which are great at making skin feel super soft.

But does it get busy?

In the peak summer months, the Blue Lagoon can get busy. I found in winter that it was pleasant with not too many people. The thing to note is that the Blue Lagoon is huge, so even in summer you’ll still be able to find a quiet spot.

The Face Masks

In the water there’s a hut where you go for your face masks. All packages include the Silica face mask which is great for deep cleaning skin and reducing pores. If you’ve paid for a package that includes the Algae face mask, the staff in the hut scans your wristband and then you apply the mask to your skin.

The Algae mask is great for softening and brightening skin. 

The Swim-Up Bar

Also in the water is a swim-up bar. With all the packages except Standard, you get your first drink free. You can choose any drink you want and the staff scan your wrist band so they know you’ve had your drink. Me and my partner opted for a healthy juice and a smothie.

If you want any more drinks, the staff will again scan your wrist band and you pay the balance inside the building before you leave.

Other Facilities

Inside the building is a casual cafe where you can get free water or purchase light food, which will be charged to your wrist band. 

There’s Lava restaurant which you need a reservation for and a shop selling Blue Lagoon beauty products once you’ve finished in the Lagoon. 

What to do before you go

Once you’ve got changed and ready in the changing rooms, leave your towel and robe in the wash basket near the door.

You head back to reception, pay for anything you purchased on your wristband and then scan yourself through the barriers, before handing the wristband back to staff.

You then head outside and catch the Flybus back to your hotel.

So that’s everything. Did I answer all of your questions? If not leave a comment below and I’ll answer it.

24 thoughts on “What To Do At The Blue Lagoon

  1. We did the basic package so we spent the most time just lounging in the pool. The only unpleasant thing was the smell of sulfur around there… I guess due to the minerals. 😛 I loved how hi-tech everything was!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me too. The technology was great! I was half expecting it to open someone elses locker but it’s clever to always recognise your one☺ Did it smell like sulphur in the lagoon when you went? I couldn’t smell anything. I was also expecting the water to smell in the hotel after showering but thankfully it didn’t smell at all☺ xx


  2. I had no idea that the blue lagoon was man made how cool! Total relief that its not caused by a crazy power plant 😉 This is a great run down because I surely wouldn’t have even known to buy tickets in advance. I’m always the one to show up thinking that anyone can go in lol I hope that one day I get to experience the wonders of the Blue Lagoon, just looking at the beautiful blue water makes me feel at ease I can only imagine how peaceful it is physically being there!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha man made but safe to swim in☺ Haha my partner always wants to get tickets on the day, but I’m the planner. It was so wonderful and relaxing. When we went it wasn’t that busy so it was peaceful😊 I’m sure you’ll get to go and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did😊 xx


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