May Favourites

May was a super busy month that seemed to fly-by! I had a lot of work on at the start of the month, but then had a lovely holiday to Italy which I’ve just returned from. So here’s a look at my May Favourites.

Holiday to Italy

At the end of May, me and my partner went to Italy for a week. We split our time between Milan and Lake Como, but we also spent a day in Lugano, Switzerland. We had a fun time eating, exploring and enjoying the fantastic weather.

Fleur de Force by Eylure Brow Tamer and Brow Palette in Light

The first few times I used Fleur’s brow mascara and brow powder I wasn’t impressed, but I persevered and love both! Not only does the lightest shade work really well for me, but they’re long-wearing products. 

I used these products on my brows everyday in Italy and they survived heat, humidity and long days out without smearing or sweating off.

Fleur de Force Quad Eye Shadow Palette in Lunar Rose

I ordered this Fleur palette last year from Feel Unique and despite it not being the best quality palette, I used the top right shade loads on holiday. As I kept my makeup light and simple, the bronzey gold shade added a subtle hint of colour and made my eyes look more awake and less tired.

Pink Hair (Again!)

My pink hair is in my favourites again, as I had my hair done slightly brighter than before. It’s now washed out to a pastel pinky purple, which I also love.

New Look Denim Dress

Before I went to Italy, I bought a few new items of clothing to take away and one of my favourites is this denim dress. I like that it has a tie waist, cold shoulder detailing and is a good length.

River Island Gingham Pumps

I love anything with a gingham print, so I snapped up these super cute shoes. They have a pretty jewelled strap across them and are comfortable to wear.

River Island Bag and Asda Dress

This was one of my favourite outfits that I wore in holiday. The dress from Asda is affordable but perfect for summer and I am obsessed with the River Island bag! I’ve used it non-stop, as all of the details on the bag make it look more expensive than it is.

After Eights

After Eights are one of my favourite chocolates, so when I saw this huge bag at the airport I had to get them. Needless to say they’re vanishing quickly, so this bag wont last me long!

So that’s my May Favourites complete. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

25 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. I love the photos of your trip to Italy! Looks like you really lucked out with the fabulous weather.
    Oh I didn’t know that Fleur de Force offered so many items in her makeup line.
    Yay for the return of the pink hair! Did you also get it trimmed?
    Those gingham pumps are so sweet! They’re like dolly shoes come to life!
    I also associate After Eights with Christmas – we don’t eat it except for the Holidays.

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    1. Aaw thank you. I still have a tonne to post☺ The weather was good, it was hot and sunny everyday. Yeah she has her eyeshadows, lip glosses etc which you can get online and some products with Eylure.
      I did. I usually get a trim as I only have my hair done every 6 weeks and it gets ratty. They are such cute little doll shoes☺ It’s the same over here, you only really see After Eights at Christmas. You never get big pouches though, so I had to buy it☺ xx

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    1. Aaw I’m glad you enjoyed it😊 Your comment was in my spam folder for some reason, so I’ve only just seen it. I had a really lovely time😊 I love the denik dress. It would look great on someone more petite than me too. So I’m sure you’d look lovely in a dress like this😊 xx

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      1. oh the Spam thing happens! Those dresses for you and me there’s lots in Bangkok, I got some last year. I so enjoy the adventures you have and look forward to your posts!

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      2. It does! Every so often I check and see some comments have gone there. Lovely. Do they sell lots of pretty dresses in Bangkok? Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy them. I’ll be writing about my holiday soon☺ xx

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  2. Seriously drooling from your trip to Italy! It is on my bucket list! All your pics on Instagram were equally so stunning! Take me with you next time please? 🙂 I love your pink hair you rock it so well! I love your Asda Dress (that whole outfit is amazing!)
    I am obsessed with brow filler, as a nineties babe, it is a life saver!
    This whole post gives me all the feels! I hope you have an amazing month in June ❤

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    1. I love Italy. Everywhere we’ve been there has been amazing😊 Haha of course. Come in my suitcase, you’d love Italy😙 Aaw thanks hun. I’m really enjoying the pink hair. I was super happy with that outfit. The bag matched the dress perfectly☺ Tell me about it! My brows are quite sparse, so I love a good brow product. Thanks so much lovely. I hope this month is great for you😊💕 xx

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      1. It looks amazing! Yasss! I will next time ;p Lol. You rock it! I keep contemplating putting a blue or pink strip in my hair. Maybe…Lol. The outfit is superb! Haha darn nineties WHAT were we thinking? I have one eyebrow that has grown in….Alas the other I think will always look like a weeded out garden. Lol. Awe thanks sweets! ❤

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      2. You’d love it. There’s so many great places to see in Italy😊 I think blue or pink would so suit you. I imagine you with blue more for some reason!☺ Haha oh no. Mine oddly have started to grow back a bit after being sparse for years! I still think about having them microbladed though. Xx


  3. Oh wow your Italy photos look amazing….esp from what I saw from your instagram too! Where is that scenic view of the water with the beautiful gate….it looks oh so heavenly and serene!!! I’m loving all your outfits, you must do an outfits post one day you have the cutest dresses!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Aaw thanks hun. I’ll do a series of posts soon to show where we went in more detail😊 The gate is in Lugano, Switzerland. There’s a really beautiful park there, which is where I took that photo☺ Good idea. I bought a few cute bits before we went away, so I can do a post on them xx

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