What I Ate in 48 Hours

A while back I shared what I ate in three days, so I thought I’d do another post but over the course of 48 hours! I’m trying to eat healthier at the moment, so here’s a look at what I ate.

Monday 2nd April


Belvita Milk and Cereal Biscuits

As me and my partner had nothing in, I had Belvita biscuits for breakfast before we went to the gym.

Post-Gym Lunch

Multi-Grain Ryvitas with Low Fat Hummus & Quorn ‘Chicken’ Slices

I had a light lunch of three ryvitas topped with low fat hummus and added Quorn ‘meat’ for protein.


Carrot & Lentil Cottage Pie, Steamed Broccoli and Mixed Salad

As I’m low in certain vitamins, I’ve been eating a lot of lentils and including more salad and vegetables with my meals.


Melon & Grapes

I snacked on this large fruit pot, which counted as 4 of my 5 a day.

Tuesday 3rd April


Beans on Toast

As I didn’t have an early start, I had beans on honey seeded bread just before midday.

Mid-Afternoon Snacks

Blueberries, Raspberries and a Small Glass of Vitamin Power Juice

After going to the opticians and running errands, I refuelled with half a punnet of blueberries and raspberries and a glass of juice.


Butternut Squash & Vegetable Lasagne, Steamed Broccoli and Mixed Salad

I had a fairly late dinner as I had to work from home. I made sure to add veggies again.


Half a Pot of Alpro Soya Yoghurt

Alpro do my favourite dairy free yoghurts, so I enjoyed half a pot of this cherry flavoured one.

So that was everything I ate in two days. Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

19 thoughts on “What I Ate in 48 Hours

  1. I’m a big fan of Belvita biscuts – most weekday mornings that’s what I eat. 🙂
    The beans on toast doesn’t look especially appealing but I bet it tasted amazing! I love comfort food like that.
    Do you always have a post dinner snack? I don’t often eat after supper.

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    1. I love Belvitas. Especially as I suffered a vitamin deficiency, I was dizzy and so nauseous, it was all I could manage for breakfast. 😂 Do Canadians like baked beans? I know Americans find it a odd breakfast, but it tastes great! Especially on fresh bread😊 It is good comfort food, I love beans as they have iron, magnesium and protein, which I need as I don’t eat meat☺ I usually do. I have dinner 7/8pm and then I go to bed late, maybe 3am. Plus I go gym in the evening maybe 9pm, so I refuell a bit after x

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      1. Yes Canadians like baked beans! 🙂 Our food is quite influenced by the British since that’s part of our history.
        Wow, you go bed at 3am! 😮 What time do you wake up then?

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  2. i enjoyed this post very much, it’s nice to see what people get up to in other parts of the world and food is always an interesting topic. it was also nice to see a photo journal of your daily menu, in retrospect it can help determine where you lack or need to improve on nutrition and variety.

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