March Favourites

March was a tough month as I was unwell for most of it, but that didn’t stop me from discovering new favourites. So here’s what I loved in March.

Holiday to Lapland

Right at the start of March, we returned to Lapland. We had an amazing time doing outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, ice floating and going on husky and reindeer rides.

Eating at Cook Daily

I first tried Cook Daily’s amazing food at the Vegan Nights event in London, so I was happy to finally visit his shop and see the full menu. The food me and my partner tried was healthy, delicious and filling.

Cooking a Vegan Bolognese

I’ve made a veggie bolognese plenty of times, but I made my first ever vegan version. I also made it from scratch (as I usually buy a ready done sauce). I was super pleased with how it came out and I can’t wait to make it again soon.

Oskia Renaissance Mask

I got a sample pot of this face mask in an advent calendar and I loved it so much, I’ve ordered the full-sized product! It applies like a creamy cleanser and helps brighten my skin and get rid of my stubborn dry patches better than any scrub.

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine

I first got into C.O. Bigelow lip products when fellow blogger Stashy sent me one to try. I use this as a lip balm to hydrate my lips, but it also has a really fresh minty taste and smell.

Zakti Activewear Water Bottle

My partner got me this reusable water bottle as I wanted to cut down on my plastic usage. I use it all the time, whether I’m at home or at the gym, as it’s sturdy and well made.

So that’s my March favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

21 thoughts on “March Favourites

  1. cooking your own food is definitely cost effective and you know what you are getting, helps reduce salt and sugar intake tremendously I am sure. I have been so behind in reading blogs and trying to catch up so you’ll see a lot of comments from me all of a sudden. My work has taken me on some exciting travels but it’s also worn me out. And haven’t really got the whole me back together again. It is really lovely to come here and read your posts, they are filled with much life, light and interesting things.

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    1. It is much more cost effective☺ I also don’t add salt or sugar into my cooking as I think most foods have enough of it already. Will you be posting about your travels? I’d love to read about what you’ve been up to☺ Thank you😊 xx

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      1. I don’t flavour my cooking much either, usually prefer natural flavours from veggies like capsicum and carrots etc. I tend to roast or braise when i cook, given up on deep frying and preserved foods. Now that you mention it i do have a lot of travel photos and might be inspired to do a few posts in the coming weeks. Thank you for reminding me! I am off for a holiday to an island up north this weekend, it’s our Labour Day weekend here in Malaysia. it will be a time of sight seeing and lots of food hunting.

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      2. I find herbs, garlic etc flavours food without needing preservatives☺ Capsicum is a pepper? Is it hot? Aaw lovely. We have a bank holiday weekend in a week’s time☺ I hope you have a lovely time on the island. I’d love to see photos☺ x

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      3. yes garlic and ginger is yummy too! i sometimes include a variety of mushrooms as well. roasting capscicum with chicken gives a very earthy flavour to the dish, not spicy at all, you should try it, remove all the seeds first though. i will be posting them for you, been a long time since i did a travel post,I really appreciate your amazing support.

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      4. might be called peppers? we get green, yellow and red one, they are luscious and can be eaten raw in a salad too. yes mushrooms are good as a filler as I don’t eat carbs at all meals.

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      5. The main ones are bell peppers. I have them a lot in salads etc as they’re nice raw or cooked. I for some reason thought capscicum was a different type☺ I love mushrooms. Even in a veggie bolognese I replace meat with shiitake mushrooms😊 x

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      6. ah yes bell peppers is another name for it, so we are talking the same thing! love the texture too! another favourite is edamame , these are lovely as a snack and full of goodness. yes I agree about the mushrooms in almost any dish! I am trying to move away from a meat based diet to a more plant based one. and finding new substitutes is a lot of fun. Do you eat tofu and soy products?

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      7. Yes! I love bell peppers. I often eat them raw☺ Edamame beans are lovely. They’re sold in snack pots here. I do eat tofu and soya based foods and drinks☺ I have a lot of mixed beans, chickpeas etc in my diet too xx

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      8. its great to know we both love the same sort of foods! yes beans are lovely addition to Asian or Western meals. Tofu is used widely here and I make my own soy milk too. Oh snack pots sound such a treat!

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