Theatre and Food in London

Last week, me and my partner booked the afternoon off work and headed into Central London for the day.

A train selfie.

And a couple of makeup shots.

As we had some spare time (before dinner and the theatre), we watched street performers in Leicester Square, admired the cakes at Lola’s Cupcakes and walked around Chinatown.

Before stopping off at Doughnut Time.

Doughnut Time is an Australian company that’s recently opened several shops in London.

They have a mix of vegan and non-vegan doughnuts, with some fun names.

We got the Hans Rolo and Berry Seinfeld doughnuts, which we ate once we got home.

My favourite was the delicious Berry Seinfeld, which is also vegan.

After our doughnut stop we walked to Cantina Laredo, an upmarket Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Drinking Margaritas.

Me and my partner started by sharing the classic guacamole and tortilla chips.

What I loved about this, is that the guacamole is made at your table! It was fun to watch and as it was made in front of us, super fresh tasting.

For our mains, we had a feast.

I had the vegetable fajitas, with the vegetables coming out on a hot plate.

Whilst my partner had the enchiladas. We also shared some rice and corn.

And let’s not forget the tempura mushrooms, which were unbelievably good!

Cantina Laredo definitely gets a thumbs up from me. It’s not the cheapest place to eat, but the food and service was amazing.

After our wonderful dinner, we walked to the Theatre Royal Haymarket as we had tickets to see a show.

We saw a show called ‘Frozen’, about a mother whose ten year old daughter is abducted and killed.

Suranne Jones (whose been on TV in shows such as Doctor Foster) plays the grieving mother, whilst the other characters are a psychologist and the murderer himself.

It’s a moving, creepy and unusual show, that shows the characters frozen in time until the very end, when they start to finally move on.

After a lovely day out in London, it was time to head back home and enjoy our doughnuts.

8 thoughts on “Theatre and Food in London

    1. We had a really lovely day😊 The doughnuts were so nice and have the best names! I liked Doctor Foster too. It’s super popular here☺ Frozen was a good show. Dark but intetesting x

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  1. Sounds like the most perfect day. Those Lola cupcakes look delicious and the London decorated one is so cute! I neeeeed to visit that doughnut shop next time I go to London! I love the names of the doughnuts, they’re so much fun! I will definitely be trying them out soon! Love that the restaraunt makes the guacamole at the table, how fun! The show sounds really interesting too, I’d never heard of it before. Glad you had a good day hun x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The London cupcake was so cute 😊 You should! There’s a few Doughnut Time shops in London now and the names are so fun😊 I loved that they made the guacamole at the table and it tasted so good☺ The show was interesting, we had a great day😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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