New Year’s Resolutions 2020!

It’s somehow already a week into the new year! I’ve been super busy as I started a new job and we’ve been looking at moving, so here’s a look at my resolutions for 2020.


Since May last year, me and my partner have wanted to move. We viewed loads of properties before I went backpacking in Asia but didn’t look much after arriving home. We’ve recently started looking again, especially as I have a new job and travel quite far for it. So our aim is to finally move, hopefully in the next month or so.

2-Eat Healthily & Exercise

This has been one of my resolutions for years, but I always put it so I hold myself to account. Last year I did really well with my eating and exercise so I want to continue that.

3-Read More

So this is another resolution I always choose as it helps me stay on track! Last year I read seventeen books so my aim for this year is twenty. One down nineteen to go!

4-Do 2 New Things Per Month

This is always one of my favourite resolutions as it can include anything from trying a new food, to travelling a new country. It pushes me even more to try/do new things.

5-Cook One New Thing Per Month

I actually enjoy cooking but I don’t always have the time or energy to try new recipes. I have several cookbooks I’d love to use more, as well as a few recipes friends sent me for cookies and shortbread biscuits I’d like to try, so I hope to experiment in the kitchen more.

6-Buy Less/As Ethically As Possible

Over the past year I’ve bought an awful lot less. I used to shop constantly for clothes and cosmetics and had so much ‘stuff’ that I felt overwhelmed and didn’t appreciate all I had.

Last year I shopped a handful of times and felt better within myself. I could enjoy and appreciate my new purchases and spend money on other things. So I want to keep to another low-buy year.

Many of you will know I’m vegan, but I want to extend this to shopping habits. I want to buy from more cruelty free and ethical brands, as well as buy and use less plastic.

7-Travel/Go Backpacking/Go For Days Out

Last year I went backpacking in Thailand and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I felt happy, carefree and I got to explore such a beautiful country. This year I would love to backpack again, as well as travel new places.

Me and my partner also love days out and we have a few already in the calendar.

8-Use My Phone Less

And finally, the resolution I failed on last time which is using my phone less. I feel that I use my phone too much, mostly for social media but also just browsing the ‘net. It’s addictive and it can mean I don’t switch off or fully take in a moment.

This year I want more time away from my phone. I want to enjoy each moment, not worry about Instagram or Facebook, emails or anything else.

Let me know your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020.

19 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 2020!

  1. YAY! These are great goals hun and I am confident you will stick to them and achieve them. One thing I find that helps when it comes to less time on my phone is having weekend off social media, signing out of facebook and twitter (not Instagram but I still won’t use it, I just don’t sign out), turning all notifications to mute, and set a rule to not go on my phone until a certain time (unless its to check my to do list or something). So on a usual day, I try to do my morning routine and not look at my phone until after 10:30am. Also on holidays I stay off social media the same I would on a weekend. It really helps and is so good for mental health too. I definitely want to use my phone less this year also!! Good luck lovely, can’t wait to read about the books you read this year. Please read Ghosted and The Ice Twins, I think you’ll love them. Ghosted is actually called ‘The Man Who Never Called’ or smth here in the UK, but in America the title is changed to Ghosted! Also The Alchemist is great, have you read it? xx


    1. Aaw thanks huni😊 Good tips, I think the weekend I’m worse. Like during the week I’m working etc so I’m busy but the weekend I laze in or procrastinate checking. I get annoyed at myself as it’s my time off, so I feel like I’m wasting it. This week I’ve already been online less😁 I’ve read Ghosted! It was The Man Who Never Called, I read it summer 2018 and loved it😊 I didn’t know it was the same book. No I haven’t. What’s it about hun? Xx


  2. I always love reading your resolutions and following on your journey! I am in awe of you beauty! I am so excited about the move! Ahhh! Good luck sweet lady! I hope you find an amazing place!
    The phone one is definitely hard especially for those of us who are digital creators. Not sure if this will help, but I always designate times (checking insta, WordPress, facebook, twitter, etc) and when they are up I switch off. I break it up over the day, but it really helps me to shut off and focus, and not just aimlessly scroll. I hope this helps! Happy New Year! I hope you have the best year! ❤

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    1. Aaw thanks so much hun. We would love to just move a bit closer to my work as I am exhausted from the travelling atm! I should set myself times. At the moment I do just scroll aimlessly and I ger frustrated that I’ve lost time! So I think in future I will just set myself a few times a day to check instead. Happy New Year lovely lady, I hope there’s lots of great things ahead for you😊💕 xx


      1. About the only thing I did was set a reading target on Goodreads and I’d like to attempt a low buy on beauty products again. I did quite well in 2019 and I definitely finished up more but I’d like to try and buy even less. It’s so satisfying finishing products up x

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  3. These are all great resolutions, Dannii! I’m hoping to read a little more & eat a little healthier this year, too. Love that your gonna try to buy more ethically & do/cook new things. 😊 Best of luck on everything! Can’t wait to hear about the move & travels!

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  4. Good luck with all your resolutions, these are great ones! Some of them are just things to keep doing 😊 (I’ve just read your 2019 resolutions review). I don’t use my phone that much unless I’m home because I’m not allowed to use it at work (I work in banking) and then sometimes I even forget about it during breaks or lunch time. I think I’ve been watching too many YouTube videos though. Great read! ❤️

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    1. Aaw thank you! Yes some of them are continued ones to hold myself to account😊 I don’t really use mine at work because I can’t, but I find on the way home or at home I procrastinate and check it too much xx

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