What I Got For Christmas 2019

Christmas already feels ages ago, but I had the most wonderful day and I hope you all did too.

For Christmas I didn’t really want or need anything, so I told my partner and family just to get me books, bath bits and maybe a diary if they wanted to get me a gift. I didn’t ask for much, so I was really overwhelmed by all of the thoughtful, sweet presents that I got.

I don’t go shopping like I used to so even though I never asked for gifts, I could really appreciate and be thankful for everything I received. So here’s a look at my presents.

From My Mum, Dad, Brother & Aunt

From both my parents and my aunt I received money, but my mum also got me some lovely pink Minnie Mouse pyjamas and the most comfy slippers. She got me a 2020 diary too as she knows I can’t be without one.

My brother got me an adorable Winnie the Pooh pyjama and eyemask set, as well as a super soft pair of grey gloves.

From My Partner

My partner spoilt me with lovely gifts and a stocking full of treats.

He got me vegan chocolate buttons, fudge, rocky road and Turkish Delight treats.

As well as a sparkly hairband, Carmex lip set, several books on travel & mindfulness and a beautiful planner.

He bought me loads of bath bombs, shower gels and goodies from Lush and other stores. Here’s a look at a couple that I got.

He bought me a set of Tarte lipglosses, a Tarte palette and the biggest gift of all; we got each other a ticket to see Queen and Adam Lambert play in London this summer.

So we’re both really excited for that.

From My Partner’s Parents and Brother

My partners parents got me a lovely gift voucher that can be spent pretty much anywhere, whilst his brother got me a food gift card and a bath set.

From My Cousin

I didn’t get to see my cousin before Christmas, so we met up the day after I got back from New York.

She got me a Lush gift set so I’m now very much sorted for bath bits, as well as the cutest bottle of prosecco. It comes in a very Alice in Wonderland style bottle, with a ‘Drink Me’ label.

So that’s everything! Let me know what you got for Christmas.

16 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2019

  1. That ‘drink me’ Alice style bottle is so cute! Adorable! Yay for bath bombs and books, and how exciting you’re seeing Queen and Adam Lambert… the best gifts are memory making and that’ll be one amazing event! Enjoy!!

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    1. I know isn’t it the cutest? She got it at a Christmas market😊 I love bath bombs or bath bits and books. Always just so happy to have new ones to read. Exactly, we got each other a ticket as we have wanted to see Queen and AL for ages😊💕 xx

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  2. Some lovely gifts here, you’re very lucky! I love the pj sets and that hairband looks really pretty. The Snow Fairy bath bomb is amazing, one of my Christmas favourites this year! 😊 Wow how exciting you’re seeing Queen , that’ll be such an incredible night! 😁

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    1. Aaw thank you😊 Yes it was such a nice bath bomb😁 I still have losds to use and a Snow Fairy shower gel which is my fave💕 We’re so looking forward to it😊 x


  3. A diary and planner are always useful gifts! Those pink Minnie Mouse pyjamas are cute, they look super comfy! This year my family didn’t do gifts, we each bought a couple of bits for ourselves – I picked up some nice bits on Boxing Day in the sales xx

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    1. Yes definitely, I love manually writing things down so I always carry planners etc😊 They are really cosy and the little slippers that pretty much match it. Aaw that’s a good idea, at least you know you’ll like the presents😊 x

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      1. I didn’t see the slippers, I’ll have to go back and look. The other good thing about buying your own presents is there’s no rush to have them bought by a certain date 💕

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    1. Aaw thanks hun, me too! I love receiving a tonne of Lush goodies that alone makes me happy😊 I love the pjs💕 Yes girl! We got our matching stockings at Disneyland Paris and they are super cute. Thanks huni, I miss NYC! Hope you had the best Christmas💕 x


  4. Aww so many fun & thoughtful gifts. The Minnie & Winnie PJ stuff are all so cute & you always get the best Lush bombs. Hope you enjoy all your goodies & the concert in London, Dannii. ♡

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  5. All these lovely presents! ♥
    I hope you’ll enjoy them for a long time.

    Also, I’m sorry I’m only now commenting on your (more or less) recent posts.
    We’ve been busy preparing the house move, and it’s been time-consuming. Just 2 more weeks, and then everything will be sorted out. xoxo

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      1. Hey hun!
        We’re moving from East London zone 3 to East London zone 4. Nothing too spectacular. But a much bigger place. We moved 65 boxes today. And there’ll be around 25 more later this week. But it’ll be OK.
        I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. xo

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