Easter Break to Somerset-Visiting Bath & A Shopping Haul

After checking out of our lovely hotel, we drove back to the city of Bath to browse the shops and grab some lunch.

As soon as we arrived, we saw a Lucozade stall giving away free drinks and doing nails, so I had mine done for free!

We then hit the shops and bought lunch from the Cornish Bakehouse, where we got a pizza slice and spicy vegetable pasty.

As it reached the afternoon, we started the drive back home to London as we knew the roads would be busy on Easter Monday. Sad to be leaving, but happy to have seen and done a lot on our Easter break.

(During our visits to Bath and the attractions in Somerset we did a fair bit of shopping, so here’s a collective haul of what I got).

Urban Outfitters

Striped Summer Dress

It’s not very often that I shop in Urban Outfitters but I fell in love with this sunmer dress. The colours are soft and flattering and the dress is also a nice length. I can picture myself wearing this on my next holiday.

Anatomicals Face Masks, Slice Sheet Masks and Animalz Panda Face Mask

Whilst I was in Urban Outfitters, I went a bit mad buying face masks. I picked up two Anatomicals masks as I’ve never tried them before.

The Slice Masks I’ve been wanting to try for a while, as you peel off the individual pieces and place them where you need them on your face. The Animalz face mask looked super cute, so I had to pick it up.

Blossom Scented Lip Gloss

I found this retro looking lip gloss really pretty, as it has flowers inside of it. There was a few different scents/flavours to choose from and I chose cherry.


Black Studded Pumps

I’m really fussy when it comes to buying shoes, as they have to be super soft. These shoes are really comfortable to wear and I love the studded strap going across the shoe.


Face Inc Face Masks

While we was in Somerset, my skin looked a bit dull and dry so I bought some Face Inc face masks. Face Inc masks are by the nail company, Nails Inc. I tried out the Cat Nap face mask and was impressed, so I’ll be doing a full review in future of these masks.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Mask

These eye masks from Estee Lauder were pretty pricey, but I’d seen a lot of great reviews on them. They’re good for hydrating and refreshing the tired under-eye area, so I’ll be saving these for when I travel.

Origins Face Masks

The final lot of face masks that I bought are these new sheet ones from Origins, that I’m looking forward to trying out.


Eylure Brow Magician in Blonde

This double ended brow product from Eylure is my favourite at the moment. The crayon is slanted and easy to use and it also comes with a tinted brow mascara.

Colour Vibe Pastels

I bought two Colour Vibe Pastels, which are tinted shampoos. I got a pink and purple shampoo, that should add a soft hint of colour to my hair and last for a few washes.


Eylure Fleur De Force Brow Tamer and Brow Palette

I’ve tried Fleur’s own makeup collection before and was impressed, so I decided to buy some products from her collaboration with Eylure. I got the double ended Brow Tamer, which has a clear and tinted brow mascara and her powder Brow Palette, which also comes with a highlighter.

Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel

For a long time I’ve debated whether or not I should purchase the Makeup Eraser, so when I saw that Makeup Revolution did a more affordable version I quickly added it to my basket.

Products from the Roman Baths Gift Shop

Aqua Serena Body Scrub

The first thing that I got from the gift shop is this unusual body scrub, that has water and a shell inside it. It has a fresh, sea type smell and also looks really pretty.

Aqua Serena Bath Oil

This bath oil has the same scent as the scrub I mentioned above and is good at making my skin feel soft and hydrated but not greasy.

Milla Maddern Hand Cream

I got this hand cream as it smells just like something that would be used in a spa. The sandalwood, frankincense and neroli oils in this hand cream, makes it smell amazing.

Milla Maddern Peach & Passionfruit Lip Balm

The final item I got in the Roman Baths gift shop is this lip balm. It smelt wonderful but it had too much of a taste when applied on my lips, so I binned it.

The Fashion Museum Gift Shop

Georgian Style Ring

In the Fashion Museum my partner bought me this Georgian style, costume jewellery ring. It’s really beautiful and I’ve been wearing it loads.

How to be Lovely:The Audrey Hepburn Way of Life

My partner also bought me this book, which has lots of quotes from Audrey, photos and more.

So that’s everything I got. Let me know which bits you love.

26 thoughts on “Easter Break to Somerset-Visiting Bath & A Shopping Haul

  1. I fail to connect Lucozade and manicures! 😄 But your mani turned out so well – love the gradient!
    That dress from Urban Outfitters is so nice! I don’t shop there often either – I find the price too high for the quality.
    So many face masks! Those Anatomicals Face Masks look good! Have you used them before?
    And oooh the Blossom Scented Lip Gloss is too pretty to use! It’s similar to those flower jelly lipbalms!
    I’d be interested to hear how you like the Estee Lauder Eye Masks – I love the Shiseido ones but they’re pricey too (but they work!)
    The Georgian Style Ring is GORGEOUS. I love old fashioned rings like that. I’ve been wanting to get a real antique ring for ages.
    Hauling while on trips is so much fun! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That dress is so pretty, and looks great on you and goes so fab with your hair!!! The colors and style of it are perfect! I love Urban Outfitters and want everything in the store but it’s so darn expensive…How was that pizza with the spicy paste?!?! YUMMM!! I love anything spicy. I always say that I need to carry around my own little hot sauce lol Also, your ombre nails are so stellar!!!! How do they even do that?!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aaw thank you😊 They are pricey! But they do have some lovely things. The pizza and pasty were both great. I’m the same, I put chilli or sweet chilli sauce on everything☺ They used nail wraps and they came out really well😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your nails look amazing, and you got it done for free?? Jackpot! 😄😄
    Also those face masks all look adorable. I love when they put thought and creativity into the packaging. Same goes for that body scrub. Its so interesting with the shell inside!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you. As soon as I knew they was doing nails for free, I was all over it😂 Me too. If draws you in when the face masks have an interesting design. It’s really unusual. I’ve never seen a scrub with water and a shell inside. It’s really pretty☺ xx

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  4. Your nails are gorgeous! I love the ombré on them. I love Urban Outfitter’s, but I rarely actually go in (though there is one close to my apartment) that striped dress is gorgeous on you! You got auch a good haul! Can never go wrong with face masks OR Origin products😊 That book looks so cool! I love Audrey Hepburn and she has some amazing quoted sass😝 I am glad you guys had such an amazing weekend! 💗


  5. Aaw thank you😊 I don’t go in Urban Outfitters much as there’s not any that are near me. I loved the dress though, so maybe I need to go there more☺ I’ve become a bit obsessed with face masks. Where I’m out and about a lot they help calm and hydrate my skin☺ I love her too. I can imagine there’s some beautiful pictures amd quotes from her. I need to start reading it soon. Aaw thanks lovely. We had a great weekend away☺ xx


  6. Stashy-Haha I don’t connect Lucozade with manicures either😂 They was giving away free cans of their new drinks and had some people in a booth doing nails. Random but I had to take up the offer😂 It is pricey in there, so I only buy things if I really love them☺ I haven’t tried the Anatomicals masks. I saw so many face masks I’ve not tried, so I went a bit crazy! It is so pretty. Ooh never tried the Shiseido ones. I’ll let you know how the Estee ones work as I’ll need to use them this month☺ It is gorgeous. I really like vintage style rings😊 It is. I didn’t intend to shop too much🙈 But it’s nice to bring things back from holidays☺ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it was ok to get a bunch of sheet masks since you use them up!
      I love shopping on trips too… I seem to be able to justify it better (“for souvenirs”). 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well sheet masks are one use so it’s not too bad. They don’t last long. Haha me too. Although as we was in the UK only the different bits from the gift shops were ‘souvenirs’😊😂 xx


  7. Teehee, you got so many sheet masks on this trip! It’s good though, you always know that sheet masks will be used up.

    I LOVE that dress you bought from Urban Outfitters. The pastel striped print is so feminine and spring-y.

    Beautiful ombre manicure! Your partner was okay standing around waiting for you to get your manicure?! What a patient guy.

    Oooh, I would love to get my hands on FDF makeup products one day. I don’t know if I particularly like the stuff that YouTubers come out with, but her products look like pretty good quality.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award here!: https://polishedandinspired.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/liebster-award/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I got a lot of sheet masks. I don’t usually go so crazy! You’re right, I’ve already used two, so they don’t last long. Aaw thank you. I love the colours in the dress. Super pretty😊 Haha yes. He wandered around the shops for a bit while I had my nails done. I really love one of Fleur’s lip glosses, so I’m hoping her collab with Eylure’s good. Aaw thank you!😊 xx


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